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Basic Info
Full Name: Kaala Creek
Subspecies: 100% Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1.2 years (July 4th 2017)
Birthplace: Fierce Creek Pack
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Profile of Kaala: Details
Kaala is big for a yearling but with the feminine body structure of a beautiful young woman. Her fur is thick and is what makes her look so large, consisting of fiery red and streaks of ash black. She also has small patches of cream. Her eyes are granny smith green.
To be played out icly. Basically a strong willed, stubborn, selfless young girl.
Born in a pack to where from birth you are challenged and tested for the first year of your life but all pups are supposed to be equal in favor she was pushed to be strong from the start. As she grew older she learned that equality was not a thing here and that the alpha children and only the absolute strongest of body were allowed in. When her childhood best friend who was taken in when they both were practically newborns was denied the official ceremony to become pack, she made the choice to leave with him but not before speaking out about how wrong the way things were ran was. Surprisingly her two older siblings followed and they set off for new lands.
Pack History
Lydda-Older sister

Calus: Older brother

Ankuusa: Best friend
Fierce Creek: Heir July 2017- September 2018

Lone Wolf
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