Profile of Zephyr: Quick Facts

Art by Garsheen & Mutton & Lauren
Ivory Rose

Basic Info
Full Name: Zephyr Vael
Voice: Jerome Valeska
Theme: House Bolton
Subspecies: 50% Timber | 25% Mexican | 25% Coyote
Bloodline: Vael
Size: Extra Small
Sex: Female
Age: 1.7 (03/12/2019)
Birthplace: Swiftcurrent Creek, Rising Sun Valley
Affiliation: Ivory Rose, Blackfeather Woods, Kintla Flatlands
At A Glance
❝ You must not forget that a monster is only a variation, and that to a monster, the norm is monstrous.❞
John Steinbeck, East of Eden
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Profile of Zephyr: Details
❝ [His] silence was a hundred times more threatening than slobbering malevolence. Pale as morning mist, his eyes concealed more than they told.❞
                George R.R. Martin, ASOIAF

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xxA silvered spectre, frosted greys unbroken save an ashen mane-like marking and long, bushy ink-dipped tail. Diminutive and fine-boned, yet made sturdy by long months of training, now lithely muscled in adulthood. Slim, tapered features dominated by his coyote blood and often bearing the frosty countenance of an ice-wraith. Childishly large ears and wide eyes leave him frozen in a perpetual sullen youth, destined to never appear older than an adolescent just shy of his first year. Silver eyes, icy and impenetrable; eerily luminous in the sun, dimming to pale velvety grey in low light.
        Zephyr's gait is fluid and silent, typically fast-paced, with a slinking cat-like quality to it leftover from his childhood habits. The scents of ice and stone are woven into his fur, faint until one gets close.
        Zephyr was assigned female at birth. Characters are welcome to notice his masculine demeanor, but it is safe to assume that a stranger would not know his true identity until it is addressed in-character. Please feel free to use the correct pronouns or avoid pronouns entirely if this makes you uncomfortable. IC ≠ OOC; your decision will not impact the threading experience or my personal opinion of you.

xx A creature of wintry disposition; glacial, calculating, and exceedingly selfish by nature. Zephyr affects an air of cool detachment, a habit rooted in a deep-seated hatred and denial of his own emotions. The wraith is cunning and cruel, committed only to his own goals and ideals. Diplomatic when it suits his purpose, even obliging, though his true tendencies lean toward hyper-dominance. His own safety and security rank highest among his priorities, followed closely by that of his few loved ones. To this end, Zephyr has begun a never-ending quest for power — the only true solution, in his mind. Indulgence fills the empty spaces between his biggest priorities; when an opportunity for pleasure of any sort shows its face, the wraith will pursue it relentlessly.
        Zephyr was the last of his litter, born alongside siblings Helios, Polaris, and Lainie to parents Alessia, Rosalie, and Kavik in Swiftcurrent Creek, Rising Sun Valley. Later, his family welcomed three more children: Soter, Morena, and Manon. Nearing his second year, Zephyr eventually found kinship in half-sibling Electra. On February 14th, 2020, he entered his first relationship: a mateship with Kratos, a decision made rather hastily in the wake of a conflict between them born of jealousy; this relationship ended when Zephyr was kidnapped, separating the two permanently. In the wake of this loss, he initiated a rocky, antagonistic relationship based on twisted attraction to Daighre, a near-stranger whose only crime was a passing similarity to Kratos. Soon after his second reunion with Phillip, Zephyr confessed long-held feelings for the other boy — stay tuned for more.

xxZephyr was born around an hour after his siblings, the runt of the litter, and assigned female at birth.[1] A scared and troubled child even from the beginning, his first experiences with the world were tainted by hallucinations and misperceptions of reality, making him reclusive and paranoid at a young age. For a time, he found solace in the presence of his father and his brother, Helios, distant from his other family members, though he was fond of the woman he called Maman. Unfortunately, it was the birth of Maman's litter that ultimately pushed the anxious boy over the edge. Feeling forgotten and replaced, Zephyr assaulted one of his newborn siblings in a fit of rage, leading to the pup's death.[2] Zephyr fled and was followed by Helios, resulting in the pair's temporary estrangement from their family.
        The wilds proved an unforgiving place for the two children, who soon found themselves starving and lost. Circumstances drove them to attempt to steal from a nearby pack, and it was here that Zephyr first met Phillip and his sister Minnow; the pair was fed and sent on their way by the kind-hearted siblings.[3] After this encounter, the brothers briefly attempted to attach themselves to an older wolf, a stranger who they quickly grew tired of and abandoned. Later, they were found by their father, who brought them back to Swiftcurrent Creek.[4] Zephyr spent much of his time away from the territory and avoiding his family, save Helios, who he maintained an unhealthy closeness with, feeling he was the only one who truly loved him after his mistake.
        At the start of BWP 5, he was nearly caught in a stampede, meeting Atwood in the process.[5] He took him back to Swiftcurrent Creek, where he stayed briefly. He later found his sister Lainie injured and in danger, and hurt himself in the process of trying to help her; their father rescued both of them soon after.[6] Shortly after that, the chaos drove the family to initiate an ill-fated move from the territory, ending in a rockslide that separated them and left much of the family believing one another dead.
        Fate tied Helios and Zephyr together yet again, and they left the scene believing themselves the sole survivors of the disaster. Wounded and now orphaned, the brothers wandered the wilds alone for a time, struggling to recover while fending for themselves. Introspective in the wake of the tragedy, Zephyr came to terms with the truth of his identity, and confided in Helios that he was not the sister he'd known, but a brother. A month later, just when the two had finally started to settle into their new reality, they were separated by a wildfire that drove them in opposite directions. Zephyr's flight led him back to Rising Sun Valley, where he soon realized his brother was nowhere to be found.[7]
        The search for Helios proved fruitless, and Zephyr's mental state fell into disarray. Curiously, his hallucinations faded around this time, leaving scars in the form of a paranoid edge to his thoughts. Traumatized and nearing a breaking point, he willfully crossed the borders of a mountain pack, half a suicide mission and half attempted theft.[8] He quickly had a change of heart following his first taste of battle and fled, later found and tended by Cupid, who he found he could relate to in an unexpected way.[9] Later on, he drifted too near to the border of another pack, and was nearly assaulted before his father appeared and intervened.[10] Shocked to see his father alive, Zephyr agreed to accompany him back to his pack, and stayed there for a time. In their earliest conversation, he revealed his true identity to his father, and informed him of his separation from Helios.[11] It was during this time that he first met Kratos, though their initial encounter was tense and confusing for both.[12]
        Before long, the search for his brother drove him to leave again, a decision spurred by a second meeting with Phillip in which the two agreed to search for their missing loved ones together.[13] The pair traveled together for a time, searching the eastern half of the wilds; they found no sign of their loved ones, though they did find a mutilated corpse.[14] Later, Zephyr met Kratos again, this time taking a liking to the older boy and convincing him to join the search.[15]

❝ Those leeches that he loves so well sucked all the passions out of him years ago.❞
                George R.R. Martin, ASOIAF
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