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Full Name: Tashkent-Luk
Subspecies: Mixed Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (April 4, 2017)
Birthplace: Khorasan
At A Glance
bruised and beaten—but alive, damn it.
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long, lean she-wolf with a ruddy-black pelt and sea-green eyes.

voice reference
[Image: tumblr_nd8mpwtVwt1rgs9f3o4_500.gif]

seductress, with an air of royalty. kiss as sweet as her bite is lethal. delusions of grandeur. wants to rule the world someday (and that day is today).
the only pup to survive of a five-pup litter, four of whom were male children. generally despised by her father, adored by her mother. had an affair with one of her horde's leading warriors, sukh, while she was betrothed to another man. exiled from the horde by her father under threat of death--

but she took some of his most valuable warriors, so she got the last laugh, didn't she?
Pack History

brothers: enx, kuyuk
cousin: isleña


mother: sorocan
father: olzii
brothers: sacha, etc.
sisters: altani, etc.

family tree
birth - 10/01/18

lone wolf
10/01/18 - present
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