Profile of Sorin: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Sorin Direwood
Subspecies: Timber Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (March 4th, 2016)
Birthplace: East of the teekon wilds
At A Glance
Sorin's fur is jet black, and quite long along his back, shoulders, and flanks. His pelt is marred by multiple scars, the most noticeable being one that cuts from his left shoulder to roughly mid chest. His vibrant green eyes sparkle with wisdom beyond his years, but a deep pain beyond his years also resides there.

Currently, Sorin is rather gaunt with hunger, and his eyes have lost much of their normal luster.
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Profile of Sorin: Details
Sorin's fur is jet black, and quite thick along his chest, shoulders, back, and flanks, with his underbelly being more average. The dark male is quite rugged, with multiple scars cutting his pelt, including a large scar running from his left shoulder to roughly the middle of his chest. The males green eyes sparkle with intelligence, but also contain the deep pain of one who saw too much of the world too early.
Sorin is, above all else, a wolf who has been through great adversity. Due to this, he has issues building connections and trusting others. He rarely opens up about his past, it is too painful and he fears that it makes him vulnerable.

The rugged male is wise beyond his years. the trials of his rather young life have taught him a great deal about the world, and he can be somewhat philosophical at times. The dark male also has a knack for picking his battles. He knows when he can stand and fight, and when he needs to swallow his pride. He is also not adverse to fighting unfairly, although he avoids fighting when he can.

Sorin was born to the east of the Teekon wilds, in a pack consisting of his parents, who were the alpha pair, two brothers, a sister, and two other subordinates. For the first ten months, Sorin's life was fairly normal. A rival pack would soon invade however, killing Sorin's parents and his brothers, and separating him from his sister. At just under a year old, Sorin became a loner, forced from his home.

After the destruction of his natal pack, Sorin would wander the wild, eventually joining a new pack three months later. In this pack, Sorin would meet his mentor, the alpha male Viggo. Viggo would teach Sorin many things about life and war, for his pack lived in a war torn land. For the next six months, Sorin would thrive in Viggo's pack, becoming a strong warrior and counselor. He would also find love during this time with a female named Livia.

Sorin's good fortune was not fated to last long. A few months after joining Viggo's pack, the alpha would be killed by the pack's beta, Bane. Furthermore, Livia would betray Sorin and aid Bane in the coup. Following this, Sorin would form and lead an internal rebellion, which would eventually overthrow the two tyrants. Sorin personally killed Bane, but Livia escaped. After this, the pack collapsed, and Sorin would wander for a while before arriving in Teekon..
Profile of Sorin: Additional Information
Sorin will sometimes hallucinate about Livia, due to the immense pain she caused him. The hallucination takes her form, and is a manifestation of all the pain Sorin has been through.
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