Profile of Tulimaq: Quick Facts
Tradesman III

Basic Info
Full Name: Tulimaq Tartok
Subspecies: Mixed (50% occidentalis, 25% irremotus, 25% Russian Grey)
Sex: Male
Age: (April 2016)
Birthplace: N/A
At A Glance
[Image: e1b0f457eaf85192-black-and-white-wolves-tumblr.gif]
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Profile of Tulimaq: Details
[Image: zYBuRfk.png]
BUILD: ECTOMORPH — tall, lanky, strong.
WEIGHT: 120 pounds.
HEIGHT: 32 inches.

Tulimaq resembles your typical grey wolf, and due to his size and build he looks younger and weaker than he truly is. He is built like a runner, with long legs and a substantial amount of natural power within his dense muscles. He is quite a tall and broad creature, towering over his siblings ever since he could remember, although he carries himself in a passive manner. If someone were to look in to his ancestry they'd find his mixed silver pelt, large size, and slight sharpness to his features to be a throwback to his paternal grandfather, Njal.

Quick to make decisions, and to judge others. A little bit surly. Is somewhat fixated on keeping busy hunting, fishing, or otherwise pursuing a duty that employs his physical abilities. Pretty sure he isn't going to like you.

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