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Basic Info
Full Name: Clark Dentium
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Male
Age: (September 2016)
Birthplace: West Coast
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His fur is off the color of sand, much like his own home. A dark streak crosses over along his back, and the color of his muzzle and legs are lighter. Fur messy from travel and lack of bathing. He is of a medium build, his legs rather long giving him a tall appearance. His eyes are of hazel upon a face that looks like it's always grinning, always ready to drop some fun on something.
A fun loving guy. He likes to go around, spreading all the fun he's got and sharing his joys on his adventures. Playing and running about, sometimes appearing like a bit of a loony. Although while he's all fun and games, there is a serious side to him. And that side no one wants, as it brings a downer on any situation in a few seconds flat.
Clark was a young pup in a pack that lived by the shoreline. Or well, close enough that he could actually smell the ocean from where he was. Along the West Coast was his home, and when he was old enough he traveled along the coast. He was adventurous around then, spreading all the fun he had till one day he came across a wolf named Freddie. He enjoyed spending time with him and eventually they met some others and formed a cliff pack. He became Freddie's closest and in that way became the 'baby boss' or rather the second in command.

That was until some of their friends became involved in a love triangle. It tore the pack apart, and it was not until Freddie fell from the cliff during a break up of a fight that Clark felt for once in his life, pain and regret and for once became serious. It changed him. The pack blamed each other and fell apart. Soon, Clark went off, convinced Freddie had survived for in his eyes Freddie was tough and the cliff hadn't been that tal. ANd that led him to Teekon, where he continues his search.
Pack History
birth — december 2017

december 2017 — april 2018

BIG CLIFFbaby boss
april 2018 — august 2018

august 2018 — present
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