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Full Name: Sif
Subspecies: Coywolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (5/18/2016)
Birthplace: Montana
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Small and willowy. Her thick, soft coat is chestnut brown peppered with specs of black. Occasional bigger splotches of black on random places down her spine. A pair of soft, golden eyes.
Very submissive and does not say much around those she is not comfortable with. Always prefers the path of least resistance and will sometimes agree to things just to avoid conflict. Very soft spoken and demure. She's easy to take advantage of, especially when left to her own devices.
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Until entering Teekon, Sif was always seen with with her older brother Sol. As children, they were always close, Sol always wanting to protect her from others who would wish to take advantage of Sif's meek nature.

Eventually, the siblings went out on their own, seeking to escape their oppressive parents. For a while, they lived well as a pair; Sol did the hunting and protecting while Sif tended any wounds or sickness that came up.

One morning, a bear wandered into the cave they had been using as a den and were still sleeping. Sol jumped in front of his sister and lead the bear from the cave, yelling for Sif to run far away.
Sif never argued, especially with Sol, so she ran for what felt like hours, terror motivating her to push her muscles further than she ever had. Eventually she collapsed and blacked out. When Sif woke, she had no idea how much time she had lost, and she had no idea where she was or how to get back to where she had left Sol, nor was she very keen on heading back towards danger.

So, she wandered on, unsure what else to do but knowing she needed to keep moving. She had never hunted much on her own but managed to occasionally catch something small. She eventually found herself inside Teekon, skinny from stress and lack of food.


Sol—(brother)6/8/2015- ??


*Sif has no idea her brother is still alive. He is available
for adoption. If interested, PM me or message
me on Discord.
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