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Lost Creek Hollow

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Full Name: Hiraeth "Tarot" Sawbone
Subspecies: Coyote × Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (September 23, 2015)
Birthplace: British Columbia, Canada
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A common weed in a heirloom garden, Tarot is nothing out of the ordinary. Despite his hybridized heritage, he strongly resembles a coyote through and through, though at the size of a small wolf. Olive-eyed and wrapped in shades of mocha, cinnamon, and nougat and not nearly as tasty as he may sound; not entirely scrawny though may be categorized that way.

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He is the husk of a formerly obedient soul, freed from servitude and left to his own devices. Distrusting. Introverted leaning towards asocial, likely to come off as cold and uninterested due to lack of emotion in expression and tone. A reverent believer of the old gods. A clairvoyant that rarely acknowledges and answers the spirits but hears them all the same.
Born Hiraeth Sawbone, he is a fourth generation coyote-wolf hybrid from the wilderness of British Columbia, the son of ??? and ???, eldest brother of some siblings I never even decided on names for. Raised in the forest and slate mountainsides of Ravenspire, a close-knit group of pantheistic canines that exist to follow a certain creed.

September 2015 — July 2018

October 2018 — present
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this profile is under construction, i just really wanted to throw this thing together and roll tbh
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