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Basic Info
Full Name: Sitri
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (March 14, 2010)
Birthplace: off site
At A Glance
Born from the shadows of the deepest depths of midnight, born to the red eyed one and the green eyed demon. A slave child with a savage nature and a bloody heart.
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Profile of Sitri: Details
Heart that beat beneath the brown breast of the furry coat he bore from his father. Coveted by his mother and his sister converted to the verges of manhood long before any boy should, in the deepest darkest depths of hell. Chained to the land and the queens own command he could do nothing against her. With eyes as red as blood and sin, beneath their firey depths lays a soul so damaged no one and nothing can recompense. Ears slicked back against a head full of scars while the lines that crisscross his pelt bear the markers of his former station, he was nothing more than what she said. Breaking free from her command he is in search of a savage land, the revenge that spurns him on. The demon walks with angels, but bears a demons pelt.

Shaggy brown coat covers a body criss crossed with scars and old wounds. Saliva drips from a maw always seeming to drip with some sort of bloody copse. Eyes as red as sin and blood full of nothing but blankness. Long of limb and large with muscles that only come from years of slavery and war. Ears that are tattered and torn, but still swivel to find noises that he can hear. Large brutish paws made for tearing and maiming and a mouth full of savage sharp teeth that glow pearly white against his coat of brown.
The notches in his ears one notch for every life he took.
Notches at the base of his tail for every kidnapped pup.
Right front leg notches for every man/woman that used Sitri for their own pleasure/consort
countless scars across his muzzle and face from the queen attacking him, countless others litter his pelt and back
To develop ic....
Sitri was born to slave parents in a litter of 4, he was the only one granted a name. He gained the queen's favor by his look and prowess. He soon became her consort as well as personally body guard, he was still sorely abused, especially if the queen found disfavor with him or anyone really he got the brunt of it. Forced to do her bidding no matter what that was soon all he became was a mindless drone incapable of coherent thoughts. There was a disaster and he found himself alone and berefit and he wandered lost until he found this area.
2 brothers, 1 sister
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