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Full Name: Dawson Ray Odolf
Subspecies: Mexican Valley Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (February 17th, 2016)
Birthplace: Golden Ranch
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A cage that tempts with an ivory thick wire frame, a drape of harlot gold cascading over a supple back, over capable shoulders, and is footed by pristine socks of untarnished ivory.

The most heart-stopping aspect about him? Is it how he watches you with those peculiar cold blues? How he nears you with the fluid grace of a pianist? How he greets you with hunger in that knowing voice?

Or how he seems to know everything about you before you even learned his name?
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A sea serpent who remains deliberate, silent, and aware until it is time to inject his 'advice' into any who appear desperate enough to need it. He will strangle in sympathy and pull you under in a blissful abyss of crushing power...

And he won't even need to lay a single hair on you.

He is words, mesmerizing, haunting, as he waits for you to join him. And if you let him-
he will have you.

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At the bottom of his deep...

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Come down to the Black Sea,
Swimming with me...

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