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Basic Info
Full Name: Junior Blacktail (born Osprey Redleaf-DiSarinno Jr.)
Subspecies: Eastern Timber Wolf, Mackenzie Valley Wolf, etc.
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (March 31, 2014)
Birthplace: Blacktail Deer Plateau, Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
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Profile of Junior: Details
She's of fairly average size (29 in. x 5 ft. x 99 lbs.), with a slim, lanky and long-legged build. Her fur is a dusty black with shocks of pure white beneath each leg. With winter's approach, other streaks and patches of lightened fur have appeared, though they're likely to lighten/darken as the seasons change. Otherwise, she bears no markings, though her forelegs are covered in more than a dozen scars resulting from self-inflicted wounds. Her eyes do not match; the right is an indigo hue and the left is a bright aquamarine.
Human Model: Kristen Stewart
Junior is not necessarily easy to like. She was born a brat and a bully and then, due primarily to her tumultuous childhood, she developed into a dramatic, moody and mercurial youth. She's much more self-aware as an adult and now acknowledges her faults, including her flighty nature. She's prone to sullen spells on occasion, though she's come into her own these days, having healed from her past and learned to accept herself and her most defining character trait: her capriciousness.
Her life started conventionally enough, though by the time she was six months old, her parents' mate-ship ended; she became lost, was presumed dead and eventually returned home; only to voluntarily leave again, this time to join a band of nomad she-wolves. When she found her way home again, she discovered that her father and his mate mate had left. The estrangement became complete when her father's actions led Junior to badly injure herself. While still recovering, she defied her pack's leadership, then promptly disappeared yet again when she became entrapped in a tunnel beneath the plateau. The injured Junior managed to crawl out and find her way into the ranks of Thief River Falls, where she became a surprisingly steady fixture... up until her flighty nature compelled her to uproot yet again, heading back to the Teekon Wilds to support her sister's new pack at Redtail Rise. She barely spent two weeks there before setting out to get revenge against her father, which would turn out to be a suicide mission.
Pack History
Parents: Peregrine Redleaf-DiSarinno & Vilocity "Hawkeye" Raptor
Littermates: Tytonidae, Saena & Pura
Mate: n/a (formerly: Swordfish II)
Offspring: n/a
Blacktail Deer Plateau: Puppy (03/31/2014 鈥 07/02/2014)
Stavanger Bay: Puppy (07/02/2014 鈥 07/24/2014)
Blacktail Deer Plateau: Puppy (07/24/2014 鈥 08/27/2014)
Lone Wolf (08/27/2014 鈥 10/04/2014)
Blacktail Deer Plateau: Juvenile (10/04/2014 鈥 12/02/2014)
Thief River Falls: Juvenile (12/02/2014 鈥 12/31/14), Kappa (12/31/14 鈥 01/18/2015), Beta Female (01/18/2015 鈥 04/26/2015)
Lone Wolf (04/26/2015 鈥 04/28/2015)
Redtail Rise: Theta (04/28/2015 鈥 05/03/2015), Zeta (05/03/2015 鈥 05/10/2015), Delta (05/10/2015 鈥 05/15/2015)

Trades: BDP/SB/LW/TRF/RR: Warrior (Apprentice 鈫 Journeyman), Outrider (Apprentice 鈫 Journeyman)
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