Profile of Oryx: Quick Facts

Played By: Jess
Basic Info
Full Name: Oryx Archinae
Subspecies: Grey wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (April 2, 2016)
Birthplace: Thatcher Knoll
At a Glance
[Image: oDyq9Np.jpg]
A very small female wolf, sylphlike in build, with a velvety black pelt. Silver-ticked guard hairs decorate her mane, and the tip of her tail is white. Her shy, winsome gaze is a bright, silvery-blue.
Profile of Oryx: Details
[Image: d3YBIh8.png]
A small, sleek wolf, whip-like in build with thin legs and a narrow body. She carries herself low as well, often with knees bent, slinking along as though she wishes to go unseen. There is quite an arch to her spine, similar to the way a felineโ€™s spine curves. Her pelt is generally thin and flat, and a glossy black in colour with the exception of the fur around the back of her neck and shoulders where the fur is silver-ticked. Like a fox, the tip of her tail is white. Her eyes are a bright shade of silvery blue.
Oryx is a very subservient, meek wolf with fairly low self-confidence. She is eager to please others to the point where she becomes a doormat- and finds it difficult not to read too deeply into what is said to her, and often takes things very personally. She is very mild-mannered and polite, and will always defer to male wolves and more confident female wolves as well. Has a very strong mothering instinct, and an interest and talent for healing, and herbal knowledge.
Oryx comes from a very unbalanced and unnatural family pack, led by an alpha male -Ochre- who claimed three females as his own and reserved breeding rights for himself. He was a narcissistic creature, who spared little to no time for his male children, and often abused his female children. Oryx was only one of three female children born in her year- one to each of the females. When Ochre began to turn his attention to his daughters when they came of age, their mothers were outraged. After having been beaten down for two years, the three mothers teamed up and attacked Ochre, but suffered life-threatening injuries. The three young females scattered, and Oryx has wandered alone since.
Father: Ochre Archinae
Mother: Eclipse Archinae
Step-mothers: Saturn and Ovide Archinae
Step-sisters: Europa and Olive Archinae
Pack History
Thresher Knoll: puppy
- Adolescent
- Maiden
Profile of Oryx: Additional Information
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