Profile of Rosencrantz: Quick Facts
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Mate to Tundra
Played By: Noki
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January 08, 2021 — Unknown
Basic Info
Full Name: Rosencrantz "Two Face" Mortensen
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley wolf x Arctic Wolf
Death: January 8, 2021
Sex: Male
Age: 4 years (December 2nd, 2016)
Birthplace: Canada, Quebec
At a Glance
[Image: tumblr_pqjcoevruf1xulpawo3_r1_540.gif]
A giant. Intimidating, and alluring. White fur and ruggedly handsome looks make him seem like the knight in shining armor of legends, shimmering pools of gold hues are enough to swoon over. He misses half his right ear, right side of the face burned, missing his right eye and the ride side of his lips. Voice of Geralt.
Profile of Rosencrantz: Details
[Image: 3bK9RnC.png]
A great white wolf of hulking appearance. A mountain bred for power and intimidating size - wherever he roamed he leaves a trail behind him of legends about a massive beast with fur as white as snow and eyes that shine like honey. Tall and thick, the muscular man does much to keep his girth and strength up but not fat. He is lean where the skin hugs his muscles tightly rather than jiggle where flesh would hang. With a deep chest and strong legs, his chest curves back into his belly where it tucks in nicely between his legs to give him a lean, athletic appearance. Bright golden eyes with flecks of red, yellow and brown give his eyes much more depth than the rest of him shine bright in his monotone features, an expression of perpetual boredom paints his handsome face in which only the bright hues of gold shimmer any life into his existence.

The male in his prime has quite the impressive musculature. Built for power and endurance rather than speed. A thick muzzle armed with pearly whites, cleaned with a constant chewing of bones as he wastes nothing on the carcass of his prey, scrubbing away any plaque as soon as he can. Upon his face, a scar is burned to the muscle, a deep wound where thick flames licked his face. Melting his eye from the socket and leaving a devastating fleshy hole. No fur grows around his eye and down half of his muzzle on the right side of his face. Now he lacks half an ears and all skin along his lips that casts a shell of a wolf on his right side while his left remains unscathed...

A powerful bone structure gives him a handsome appearance, strong, youthful, and yet masculine. Currently the male sports a rather soft down to his being, hairs soft to the touch as they seem to make an almost halo around his being in the sun. As the brute ages, the soft fur will grow more dull, rugged, while the greys blend nicely with the white instead of standing out.
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[Image: 3bK9RnC.png]
Calm and calculating, Rose is a man of few words. Preferring to stay behind and watch as opposed to being a part of anything, as opposed to seeking out the company he waits for anyone to approach him instead. Outwardly he is emotionless for the most part, a wolf etched in stone, difficult to read or understand even if he speaks. One may mistake him for a peace-loving behemoth - but one would be wrong.

Born into a pack of warriors, beneath the calm lays a storm. A monster just waiting to be released, to fight, to rage, to war. With recent events, Rose is left frustrated and angry, heartbroken and confused with his feelings; leading the man into a more reclusive and volatile lifestyle.

From a Danish background, he holds an odd mixture of Danish and French accent that is quite prominent in his home pack. Rose does not speak Danish, but he does speak fluent French that has odd slurs and a Dane accent that infiltrates even that aspect of his speech pattern.
[Image: e7jnoNV.png]
[Image: tumblr_pdtyo02c5n1tw2hyao1_540.gif]
Born in a pack of warriors, Rosencrantz and his brother Guildenstern were immediately trained in the art of battle and taught that death in battle is considered to be the greatest honor. Any pups that were born too small or defective were killed, it made the young princes numb to the death of comrades or the young.

YEAR 2016
- Once he was old enough, he quickly climbed the ranks. After Guildenstern left Birserkir, Rosencrantz was given the role of Kappa and only after a little more than a month, killed the current Gamma to take his place. He left soon after.

- After a while, he has learned that being patient and working together with other wolves helped to keep his belly full. His temper is under control despite it still bubbling underneath. He yearns to continue fighting.

YEAR 2017
- He has found himself in Teekon Wilds. The lands are interesting and vast, he is curious about these lands and begins to familiarize himself with the surroundings and locals.

YEAR 2018
- A fire breaks out, in his escape attempt, Rosencrantz gets his right side of the face burned from a fallen log that explodes in burning charcoal - leaving him with only one functioning eye and a stain on his face.
PARENTS Åsmund Mortensen ♂ & Gry ♀
SIBLING Guildenstern

MATE Tundra

by Rosalyn ♀
by Vespera ♀
Joheras ♂ and Isadora

[Image: 1584457321346.png]
Pack History
Laramite January 8, 2021 - current

October 2 2019 - Current
Lambda November 20 2020 - Current
Gamma March 3 2020 -
Delta January 29 2020 - March 3 2020
Epsilon December 9 2019 - January 29 2020
Zeta November 12 2019 - December 9 2019
Eta October 2 2019 - November 12

August 7 2019 - October 2 2019
November 18 2016 - July 11 2019

July 11 2019 - August 7 2019
Pledged July 11 2019 - August 7 2019

BIRSERKIR - 2015 to 2016
December 2 2015 - November 18 2016
Gamma October 4 2016
Kappa August 28 2016
Pup December 2 2015
Profile of Rosencrantz: Additional Information
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Height: 36 inches at the shoulder | Weight: 200lbs | Eye Colour: Honey | Pelt Colour: White/Silver

Smells Like: Pine and wood
Voice of: Geralt from Witcher
Pelt Texture: Long, thick, soft
Eye Shade: Bright Golden Honey with Brown flecks

CURRENT INJURIES: only has half of his right ear and missing all of his lip on the right side as well as fresh bite wounds along his face and neck
[Image: x9lgqBy.png]
Rosencrantz's Signature
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Player Notes
my name is noki, i am 26 years old, i identify as a girl. i live in canada and in the eastern daylight time. i enjoy a good cup of tea, and gardening (i have a bit of a green thumb). i am a pansexual who prefers men. currently im going to school for electrical technician engineer but i did graduate as a vet tech and worked as one for 3 years years, worked in animal hospitals for 8 years in total.

i am a very open and fun loving individual who is down for almost any plot that comes my way! feel free to shoot me a pm or a message on discord at steph#0278 and i would be tickled to plot with you!
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