Profile of Finch: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Finch
Subspecies: Coastal wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 4 years (06-24-2014)
Birthplace: British Columbia
At A Glance
draped in a golden cloak
amber eyes reflect against the sun
a sunbathed goddess
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Finch is currently away. Reason: depression lol
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Profile of Finch: Details
an angel with a golden cloak, white marbling itself
gracefully across her body, fizzling off at the end of her tail.
her eyes burn a fiery amber, a butterscotch color laying
on her belly. her tail has a darker strip of brown
that rings itself around, gradiating into her normal coat color.

the lady has a silver tongue. finch is confident,
proud and slightly narcissistic. she takes pride in her appearance,
loving the way her coat looks. her salt-kissed personality
comes partly from her relationship with the sea, however she is incredibly friendly. she will oftentimes talk your ear off if you'd let her. being born
and raised on the coast, finch is an excellent swimmer and she boasts it.
she excels at fishing, taking pride in how quickly she can do it.
she doesn't mind getting dirty, she's energetic & always
looking for things to do, finch loves to be on the move
whenever at all possible. staying in the same place for so long makes her anxious.

finch doesn't have any tales to tell.
she grew up on the coast with her parents, they never had a pack.
she was taught to swim & fish by her mother, her father taught her
basic self-defense tactics in the case of emergency.
she was grown up loved & happy, she dispersed from
her old home when she was two years old; her wandering leading her to the Teekons.

Pack History
mother // ylva
father // odin
was not born into a pack
--enter Teekon Wilds--
lone wolf // she dislikes it.
// optio. [dec. 30th 2018-present]
Profile of Finch: Additional Information
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