Profile of Amatsu: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Amatsumagatsuchi
Subspecies: Alexander Archipelago wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years (06-16-16)
Birthplace: 京都
At A Glance
the stars rest in her coat.
her eyes contain the oceans themselves.
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Profile of Amatsu: Details

Amatsumagatsuchi; affectionately nicknamed Amatsu, is an agouti silver-and-black wolfess. She has a darker patch of fur, roughly in the shape of a diamond, on her forehead. This darker fur pattern extends the way down her back, fizzling off at the end of her spine-- fading into her normal coat color. Her ears are tipped a darker black, the inside of them cream. Her eyes are an icy white, resulting in a piercing gaze that can seemingly look right through anyone. Some have said her eyes hold the clouds in them.
Her body type is small & lithe, she has long legs which allows her to be exceptionally fast. She stands 25.4 inches at the shoulder, weighing about 100 pounds. She won't get much larger. Despite her smaller size, she carries herself with a sense of elegance. Her scent is petrichor; the smell before the rain.

Amatsu's personality far surpasses her physical form. However, it varies. The young lady can be feisty and aggressive, and from there she can become submissive and scared. This is due to Amatsu's superiority complex. She was never properly raised or ever taught how to love who she is, and it reflects itself very clearly in her actions. Amatsu is prone to making ignorant decisions, being impulsive, and not fully understanding the whole of a situation. All that aside, she tries her best to keep herself under control-- it's no small feat, but she is at least lucid enough to realize that, sometimes, the way she acts isn't permissible. Despite her attitude problems, this burst of aggression makes her an excellent hunter; however, she has a habit of killing just to kill. The feeling of bones crushing between her jaws is her favorite feeling in the world. Oftentimes, when she needs to let off steam, she'll sniff about a rabbit warren and mercilessly slaughter them.
Amatsu is incredibly nihilistic. Her life has been cold and harsh on her and she let her sickness get the better of herself. She will not force her unfortunate philosophy on others, but oftentimes she can't find reason to worry about the small things in life when she's so convinced none of it will matter. The she-wolf tries to keep herself generally neutral, but sometimes she cannot manage to do so. Between all of her issues, Amatsu's personality boils down to being incredibly chaotic and unpredictable.

Unfortunately, her life has been less than kind to her. A few reliefs, here and there, and her life isn't completely tragic, but there are a lot of things that have left scars on her. One of the biggest things being that she is delusional. Her full name, Amatsumagatsuchi, translates to 'Heavenly Storm Dragon.' Amatsu's home pack worshiped a storms, hoping that one day, a God would be born into their pack. Upon Amatsu's birth, the pack rejoiced, and her destiny began. From a very young age, the wolf had it told to her many, many times that she was a goddess. That she could control the rain, the thunder, the lightning. That all of it belonged to her. She's grown up believing this, and the second she started doubting it was when her self-respect started crashing. When she was doubting it, she talked to her mother about it and the results were not so pretty. Appalled, and disappointed by her daughter, Amatsu was exiled out of the pack when she was one and a half years old.
During her time alone, she didn't know how to take care of herself. She was always pampered, treated like a goddess, and she was convinced she was one. Whenever it would rain, she would be blessed with prey everywhere, further pushing her delusion into her mind. She has fits with herself, about whether she really is a goddess or not. Goddess' don't kill for fun. Goddess' aren't submissive. The burden of this has taken a major toll on her, all her life. After many months of wandering, she came across this new territory, where she will remain for the foreseeable future.
Pack History

Mother // she currently can't remember her name...
Father // she can't recall ever having a father figure...
Siblings // the rain. the thunder. the calm before the storm. the storm itself.

Sacred Pinnacle // birth pack // the goddess, apparently [exiled late 2017]
--enter Teekon Wilds--
Lone Wolf // maybe, she'll find a place to fit in. doubt it.
stormrift // home. [dec. 30th, 2018-present]
Profile of Amatsu: Additional Information
amatsu is a chaotic, unstable character. she lives in heavy delusion, as such what i write may not accurately reflect what is going on. if you need anything clarified, let me know.
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