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Colin, Leigh
Saints Of The Dying Light
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Basic Info
Full Name: Derg
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (1/06/2016)
Birthplace: Montana, USA
At A Glance
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A traditional, dark mix of brown and greys, mainly brown in summer and a creamy underside that covers his ectomorph frame.
His eyes hold a light hazel, tinted with gold at times.

Scars and Wounds
Has a ruined right ear and some half-hidden scars on his chest from Damien. Through Opalia, he has heavy scarring on the right side of his face and lost the depth perception in his right eye.

"The most powerful warrior I've fought is time,
and then it was all gone.
And wouldn't come back."
| Lawful Evil - Type 3 | ISTJ-A |
Character Inspiration - Ronnie Kray

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Derg tends to be quiet yet has a heart that is compassionate for those who have become close to him. He is easily downcast and angered but doesn't think offhandedly of kind gestures. He wishes to help others and try to not feel negative about life, I guess he's a bit depressed. He has interests in teaching the youth and advising others, though his advice is often useless, let's be honest.
He is prejudiced because his primitive pack thought it was wrong to be gay and such things that often made Derg feel like he was wrong.

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Derg wished to pursue other paths and left his pack to develop other trades; of which he is still figuring out for himself. He decided to find his sister, Grezig, for she left prior to his own departure.

After finding Grezig in the Teekons, he started his own adventure. He helped to try and form numerous packs to little avail but made some close relations along the way. Keen, a young girl, was taken under his wing and they formed a close bond, especially after she was attacked. He also had a relationship with a man called Ronnie, who has left him heartbroken and somewhat depressed. Derg now wishes to find him, or at least rekindle what he felt for the man with someone else.
Pack History

Mother: Adarok
Father: Broxirg

Littermates: Uruuk , Zuruzog , Grezig
Siblings: [2017]: Yizur , Zurek

Neice and Nephews: Via Grezig Xizur , Tizir , Alsek , Pele

Known | Unknown Relation | Deceased

↳ 22/11/2018 - 16/06/2019

↳ 16/06/2019 - 28/10/2019
Mu → Theta

Lone Wolf
↳ 28/10/19 - 20/06/20

Saints of the Dying Light
↳ 20/06/20 - present
Pledged → Overseer
Profile of Derg: Additional Information
-1 on rolls because of partial sight loss.

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