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Basic Info
Full Name: Derg
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (1/06/2016)
Birthplace: Montana, USA
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Profile of Derg: Details
His main coat is a grey base with brown tips and a cream underside. In winter, his brown lightens and becomes more prominent but still retains the grey base, especially on his back and tail.
His eyes hold a light hazle, tinted with gold at times.
Quiet, rarely talks. He relies heavily on body language and his eyes tell his story, for their haunted look says:
Do not ask.

He is prejudiced for his primitive pack stuck close to the original works of nature and relies heavily on fighting.
Derg wished to pursue other paths and left his pack to develop other trades; of which he is still figuring out for himself. He decided to find his sister, Grezig, for she left prior to his own departure.
Pack History
Dam: Adarok
Sire: Broxirg
Littermates [2016]: Uruuk , Zuruzog , Grezig
Siblings [2017]: Yizur , Zurek
LONE WOLF: 22/11/2018
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