Profile of Velvet: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Velvet
Subspecies: Rocky mountains wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year (2.04.17)
Birthplace: outside Teekons
At A Glance
a shadow with a haunting gaze.
there's something in the way she glows.
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Velvet is currently away. Reason: depression lol
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Profile of Velvet: Details
an obsidian-cloaked fae holds the darkness and mystery of the night sky in her coat.
the black shimmers and glistens, the inviting silky texture of her coat
striking all who see her with a sense of awe.
her golden eyes are a stark contrast from her solid coat,
a hypnotic and sparkling gaze at all who come into contact with her.


sly and smooth, despite her gorgeous appearance, velvet is anything but an angel.
behind a golden gaze & a silky, sparkling coat lies a set of fangs
so sharp and unforgiving, it's better to not get on her bad side. she speaks in
musings and whispers, her movements swift and elegant, yes, she
truly is a shadow. although not very big, her size doesn't matter.
velvet gets what she wants. always. she gets what she wants.
a cold, manipulative and unfeeling witch, she knows how to make herself
desirable without lifting a claw. she is the definition of desirable.
the way she sways, her soft and gentle voice, her glimmering coat,
velvet is a cold-blooded raven in the disguise of a harmless swan.


**sexual assault cw**
the runt of the litter, velvet had no easy life.
she was born into a cruel and unforgiving world. that was made clear to her
the moment she watched her father slaughter her siblings for seemingly no reason.
she thought she was next. but she wasn't. oh, no. she wasn't.
he had different plans for her. her mother had died shortly after birth,
so she never got to know her. she probably wouldn't have gotten
the chance to. he probably would have killed her too.
born into a pack of brutes, velvet was trained to fight and kill. all of her life,
she was abused at the mercy of the men around her. however, she endured it,
she endured it for as long as she could.
but everyone has a breaking point, as much as they don't want to admit it.
and one day, one fateful day, velvet snapped. she was only 10 months old.
her fighting skills we're impeccable, she was used as a
pack assassin for a short time. she stopped doing this.
she can kill, but she doesn't like to.
her father, of course, was not very fond of this.
he urged her to continue but was met with rejection every time.
and he had heard enough of it from her. he howled, assembled
the pack, bristled his fur up and tackled her into the middle of them all.
the words he spoke still ring in her head.
''if you don't want to listen, this is what will happen.
this is your punishment.''

one by one, he had them hold her down. a few at a time, actually.
one would be holding her neck to keep her down,
two biting her back legs, and a fourth at her rear, forcing his whole inside of her.
every thrust sent a chill down her spine, she was whimpering but that didn't
stop her father from watching it. it didn't stop him from doing it.
however this was... counter-productive-- in a way.
it didn't have a long lasting effect on her. the biggest problem to her?
they ruined my coat. her appearance she had taken so much pride in.
after they were done, she leaped back and attacked one, bounding over his
bleeding body to get away from that place. the pack was told to not go after her.
it still bothers her sometimes, but it taught her a lesson, for sure.
it taught her that she can use her sex to get whatever she wants.
isn't that ironic?

Pack History
mother // unnamed ✝
father // unnamed ; relationship is bad
siblings // unnamed ✝
birth pack // 2017-2017 // runt of the litter. her life is hell.
-- enter Teekon Wilds --
lone wolf // she perfers it this way.
swiftcurrent creek // Jan 2019
shadewood keep // pledged
Profile of Velvet: Additional Information
[velvet is manipulative and seductive. most of her posts may contain mature content. threads will be marked appropriately.]
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