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Full Name: Wilthking
Subspecies: Weird flesh bag
Sex: Male
Age: (December 30)
Birthplace: Probably a garbage bin
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Just a weird east coast adult that recently moved to Seattle. Space and cherry red neon is my thing; so is the emotional constipation that comes with being a depressed millennial.
As edgy as it sounds- I like the color red; it's strong and passionate, full of love and anger. It has numerous meanings around the world and runs through everyone's veins just the same.



[Image: tini_peach_by_king_lulu_deer-db7mc8v.png]When do I archive threads?
I tend to archive threads after 2 weeks of no communication, this applies to characters that go on PPC and players that go on AWAY status. However, if you wan't to keep the thread open please contact me privately and we can work it out. I'm very flexible!

[Image: tini_peach_by_king_lulu_deer-db7mc8v.png]Do I allow my characters to get seriously hurt/whumped by others?
I do! It all depends on the circumstances though.

[Image: tini_peach_by_king_lulu_deer-db7mc8v.png]Are you open for thread requests?
I'm almost always open to thread!

[Image: tini_peach_by_king_lulu_deer-db7mc8v.png]What is my reply rate and when I prefer to be skipped?
I tend to reply in at least 2-3 days per post. If you wish to skip me after 42 hours after no reply feel free to!
[Image: tini_peach_by_king_lulu_deer-db7mc8v.png]Do you allow PP?
I do not allow power play, sorry! If you wish for your character to win please contact me so we can fully flush out the fight and do dice rolls. I am more than happy to allow other characters to win over mine.

[Image: tini_peach_by_king_lulu_deer-db7mc8v.png]Do IC = OOC?
Not at all! My characters do not reflect my own actions and thoughts in the slightest.

Nickname(s):King, Wilth, Aaron
Age: 20

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