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Lost Creek Hollow

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Full Name: Joss LeClerc
Subspecies: Gray wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1.6 (March 14, 2016)
Birthplace: Sioux Cross
At A Glance
A body that looks like it has been wrought by famine since birth with a dull, greyscale coat, often shaggy and ill-kept. Eyes the colour of scuffed cement.
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A scant dog of a wolf, with the horsewhipped look of a creature that's been kicked by its master. His body has been molded into a permanently skulking posture by the sour acceptance of poor treatment, like a wolf who has never been more than omega. He bears a windblown, unkempt pelt- mealy gray-scale in colour- and his eyes are as dull and dour as scuffed cement.
A sullen, moody and seemingly selfish young man whose attitude has brought him nothing but misery. Of course, the bull-headed, self-pitying young man believes that life is to blame, and that he is simply a victim.
He had a pack, once...But it wasn't for him. The wretch left for good reasons- enough that some might salute him- but has failed to thrive due to his inept hunting abilities and inert social development.
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