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Full Name: Hymn Opal la'Rousse
Subspecies: 50% Coastal 35% Timber 10% Siba Inu 5% Coyote
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (winter)
Birthplace: Whitecliff Cove (Sun-drown Kingdom)
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FEMININE. PETITE. DANCER. REGAL. it would seems that Hymn was the runt of her litter, a child that would not be chosen as the prize canine of her littermates. With that it can be said that she is quite small when it comes into to comparison with other canines, easily mistaken as a yearling rather than an adult of her species. Even with her small and compact frame, her appearance gives off an illusion of lengthy legs. As if to fool those into thinking she is taller than she actually is, ending in petite paws that allow easier changes in direction but difficulty in balance. Though small she has an advantage to agility, bringing in unseen muscles that are focused on her legs rather than the rest of her physique. Allowing her to have a greater speed than those that may fight better than she. Her stance is a rather gentle version of a queen, more relaxed than someone that would rule with a serious hand. Instead she shows the movement to a proper lady, her body communicating most of what she needs to say..
MILK. HONEY. CREAM. Most are ingredients to sweeten your tea but in the case of this child they are perfect words to describe her coloration. A gentle roll of milk, cream pigmentation, would be a perfect way to sketch out her entire frame. From her tail to her ears, she is covered in a ghostly coloration. Her face is a different story, a generous dab of honey and cream. Enough to touch her face, masking her eyes, coating her ears. This dairy cream is brushed onto her breast, accenting her narrow chest with almost an outline of an unconnected heart before sweeping over the tip of her tail.
EXPRESSIVE. CHOCOLATE. HONEYSUCKLE. BLIND. A gentle swipe of the brush, and we finish the picture. From a glance the paint on her left looks like a shade of dirt, pale and uninteresting. Yet look again and the brighter flecks of the paint will show through, smooth as chocolate. The right side of the picture is another story, lighter and less vibrant. Gentle and sweet as the plant it mimics, taking a milky form of honey. Honeysuckle yellow. Every fragment of light seems to bounce off of her optics, sometimes making them look lighter than before. Sadly this angel has never saw the light of day, expressive eyes that will remain perfectly blind.
-- GENTLE. DOCILE. PROPER. It is not her unseeing eyes that make her this way but the way her brother Rhythm raised her, though being looked down upon for a small portion of her life could also be a factor in this act of being merciful towards others. She does not hold the same ideals as most of her siblings, instead she would rather show kindness opposed to cruelty. She comes off extremely gentle by the way her paws dance on the earth, the way her voice gives off a sense of security. It shows her docile nature to go with the flow of life as well as to not harm those unless there is an extreme reason to, and yet she holder her posture in a way more of her siblings do. Standing in a proper style as well as illustrating intelligence with the words that fall from her lips, she tries to act as a proper woman should. Kind words help with these social graces.

-- KIND. WARMHEARTED. SWEET. Her voice, the look in those blind optics, even a smile from her lips can show you just how welcoming her presence is. She can relax another by simply speaking but this is only due to her ability to find a light in the darkness of another’s heart. She will always greet another with a heartwarming hello, a smile that can be rather infectious though she cannot see such an act. She tries to help those she can and sooth others she cannot save, she feels it is her duty to find a way to let this world shine with light. Even if all she thinks she can do is finding the herbs others might need.

-- HERBALIST. MODEST. INTELLIGENT. Though she is blind she has a very clever skill, one that her brother Rhythm helped train. She has the ability to smell and track an herb to help with any ailment that needs to be treated, her sense of smell being heightened due to the inability to see. Though if you were to praise her on such a skill or any complement in her direction it will be shot down with a comment that would counteract the point. It is her form of modesty and her inability to see something truly great unless pushed to notice it, in other words she is by no means an attention whore but this does not make her intellect shrink. Instead she is a child that would be described as the brains of an operation, using her abilities to hear, smell, and even feel to tell who is near, who is closer and to not run into a stationary tree. She can handle her own in the battle of the wits, coming back with a technical term of a plant or even a quip to shut another up and knock them off their high horse..
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