Profile of Dove: Quick Facts
Saints Of The Dying Light

Basic Info
Full Name: Dovelyn Ambrosia Meovii
Subspecies: Wolfdog
        50% Arctic Wolf 50% Dog
                 25% Samoyed 25% Akita

Sex: Female
Age: 2 (2018)
Birthplace: Starlight Grove
At A Glance
[Image: OupBd8y.png]
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Profile of Dove: Details
Named after the small white bird of peace, Dovelyn's fur is very soft and colorless. Not a single marking touches her rather fragile looking body. Though fragile looking, this is a ruse. Her stature is that of a medium-large woman with hidden strength beneath fur that is very soft to the touch, it is feathered though most of her fluffy is collected along her neck and her rear end. One of the few things that betrays her domestic blood is the way her tail curls over her back end when she is relaxed, blending in with her butt fluff to the point it just looks like even more fur along her rear. When she thinks about it, she can uncurl it and show various expressions. Her tongue marbled of black and pink, as shown here.

Her eyes are another sight to see, two different colors framed by thick white lashes. Her right taking on the color of a blue summer sky and the left an amber orange that reflects the setting sun.

two feathers are usually tucked behind either ear, as well as in her curled tail. These are usually found in one the color of brown and the other blue but can be any found bird feather. her favorite combinations are: blue and brown, black and gold.

When performing a ritual Dove can be seen wearing a bull skull with flowers decorating the crown, these flowers are frequently replaced.

Pack History
                —「07/21/20 - present」

         LONE WOLF
                —「12/18/19 - 07/21/20」
                —「05/20/18 - 12/18/19」
        LONE WOLF
                —「02/12/18 - 05/20/18
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