Profile of Kazimir: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Kazimir Petrovich Nakhimoff
Subspecies: 85% Timber Wolf 15% Tamaskan
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years (April 13th 2016)
Birthplace: North Carolina
At A Glance
Strong in physique, quite pretty if you get past the intimidating mannerisms. One forelegs missing.
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Profile of Kazimir: Details
Muscular thick furred woman
Dark mocha and cream in color
Bright orange eyes.
Impulsive but learning

Self conscious

Easily flustered



Born to two parents who wanted a son, Kazimir was named, raised and treated like a boy. When her body grew feminine and desirable, they tried to push her to train harder and eat more to gain mass and muscle. She ran away. Screw them, she loves her figure.

Her human owners were native to Russia. They ran a travelling exhibit of sorts on wolves. She was born in North Carolina but was moved to Russia for most of her life, only returning recently. She escaped her humans home after one of the new wolves pissed her off and she killed him.
Profile of Kazimir: Additional Information
She speaks english well enough and will occasionally speak Russian though mostly to give nicknames and curse at you.
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