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Basic Info
Full Name: Moira Melonii
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 5 (November 2013)
Birthplace: Unknown
At A Glance
From a distance, in her usual mood Moira looks to be like an old grumpy widow. Ragged pelt, withered gaze, the like. But closer, you'll see a wise female who has seen much through her years, and the pain and heartbreak had made her aggressive and the type to 'shove and push' rather than politely ask the other to move.
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Profile of Moira: Details
With dark grey fur, a lithe build and dull indigo eyes, Moira would have been one of beauty in the eyes of some. Her age however did not help one bit. Her dull indigo eyes that had once been bright had slowly been losing their light as she grew older. Wear showing around her eyes and through her pelt.
She was once seen as wise and consoling. Giving others peace of the mind with her advice. Until throughout her years, she did not heed her own advice. She changed through advancing in her age. Moira began to grow sour towards others. Constant glaring and growling to those in her personal space. Even snapping on those that made advances towards her. Yet still sometimes she offered her advice, even if it was terrible now.

In the coming of her sour mood, she went to plants to satiate her need for knowledge. Tending to them, learning of them. And as she grew sour, so did her treatments. She was a widow, and became known as the Poison Widow among the pack she was in.
Moira had grown to be a loving nurturing woman, who earned the looks of few. As she continued to grow up slowly she was seen as a wise woman who had knowledge in both herbs and illnesses, and offering kind sagely advice. Many heeded her words of wisdom, as well as those assisted by her medicinal knowledge. Some even tried to become suitors to her, attracted to this...but only one drew her attention. One who she found to be handsome, and trustworthy to hold her secrets, as well as share her knowledge.

A year later, her daughter was born. A shining star in her life. She was young, and at the six month mark, another came. One she took under her shadow, so to say. A young boy, a yearling who had been left for dead in the winter. Despite her mate's odd looks at the yearling, Moira treated him like a son. Despite the hungry looks the yearling gave her, she trusted him. Despite how two months later...her mate and daughter were lost. It broke her. But her trust remained intact. No matter how many paws were pointed at the yearling, she chose to trust him...

That changed when he revealed his intentions. Attempting to take advantage of her one night, she learned it all. He said nothing, yet she knew. And cried as he was brought down by her, as he had misjudged the strength a mother scorned. She became bitter, and left the pack after. Seeking new paths to travel.

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