Profile of Aliana: Quick Facts
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Played By: Dai
Basic Info
Full Name: Aliana "Bear Tooth" Hanlon
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley
Size: Gigantic, Stocky
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She\Her
Age: 3 years (April 2018)
Birthplace: In a zoo far outside the Teekon Wilds.
At a Glance
Profile of Aliana: Details
Build: A good chunk of her physicality was borrowed for her Father. She's tall, heavy and robust with a thick neck and strong jaws. Powerful muscles are hidden underneath thick, bushy fur. Aliana has a near bear-like appearance and carries herself almost as such.

Despite being female, Aliana is built more robust than that of a normal female wolf, she has a large head and a thick muzzle with a large black nose that is armed with a powerful set of jaws and fangs. Her ears short but fat, sitting almost at the top of her head with slight offset slant to them. Due to an incident that crushed a portion of her tail, the portion that had been crushed was docked, leaving her was a short tail that when raised is reminiscent of the raised tail of a Whitetail Deer. Her legs are thick and powerful ending with wide paws, black claws carry her with a sense of strength and grace. Her chest is small but deep and does little to affect her overall size. Though you may notice her eyes first before you noticed her size as they are mesmerizing sapphire blue.

A dense hide of fur covers her from head to toe, meant to shield her chilly wintry nights and freezing winters. Her mane is by far the thickest with long fur with a bit of a curly to it here and there. It can be moderately comparable to that of a Grizzly. It extends out to her back, covering her shoulders and partially her back. She is mostly dark-furred with her front half being darker than her back half. Her fur overall is a reddish-brown with light cream coloration.

Notable Features: Her robust size • Her lush mane • Wide paws • Over-grown claws • Fluffy semi-docked tail • Compact yet fat ears • Mesmerizing sapphire eyes.


Semi Docked tail.
Small scar on her right cheek.


Summary: Born by a stringent Mother and a stoic Father, both who favored tradition and Pack Law, Aliana was raised with strength, pride, and love for her pack above all else. Thus she finds herself, whether intentionally or not, looking down upon Loners, calling them 'Outsiders'. Despite her upbringing, she generally has a warm manner, making her different from most in her family being colder and calculating.

At best, she can be chill, warm, and overall friendly. At worst, she can be narcissistic, selfish, and cold to others. But one thing that has always been drilled into her since birth is to always think of the pack, to protect and provide for it in any way she can. Whether that’s hunting and filling caches or patrolling the borders. Making her better suited for Pack life than that of a Loner. But don’t be surprised to see her, from time to time, lounging under a tree. Girls need days to themselves, after all.

• • •

Introvert ○○○○✦○○○○○ Extrovert
Leader ○○○○○✦○○○○ Follower
Courageous ○○○✦○○○○○○Cowardly
Intelligent ○○✦○○○○○○○ Foolish
Pacifistic ○○○○○✦○○○○ Violent
Selfish ○○○○○✦○○○○ Generous

• • • Pre-Group History • • •

Aliana was born on the 15th of April on the year of 2017 in Lakewood Zoo along with her three other siblings,since she was a whelp she knew only the tall metal walls with see-through barriers and the faces of the strange flat-faced creatures that would come to see and gawk at them. She never knew hunger as the pack was always fed by them, she never knew thirst as there was always fresh water.

She was a captive wolf though she never knew she was a captive wolf. She always thought all wolves lived as she did. When she hit around two years of age, her caretakers took her, her siblings, her mother, and Father along with several others and packed them all in cages, shipping them off to the nearest Wolf Sanctuary only a state over. During the ride, a car crash happened with one of the trucks, her truck. She was tossed around, her senses assaulted with loud, sharp noses and flashes before everything went still, she noticed her cage door was swinging open, broken by the crash and without thinking she ran to escape it all. She didn't even hear her parents and siblings while they called out for her.

She didn't know when she stopped but when she did, the road was nowhere to be seen, her family gone, and she was all alone in the Wilderness. After a while, she trudges around the wilds, not knowing what to do, she was hungry but she didn't see anyone who would feed her, she was thirsty but didn't know where to look.

She was utterly helpless...

One day, while Aeliana laying in the knoll, dying of hunger and thirst, she spotted a rabbit and something within her sparks...something deep within her it was foreign to her ...yet natural all the same. She found herself running after the rabbit and just barely, she caught it. She ate the rabbit hungrily, feeling a strange sense of pride about it. She had never killed anything before, she had never chased anything down before. It was exhilarating, it was fun.

Was this what being a Wolf truly like?

• • • Group History • • •

WINTER 2018—19

12.8.18—During her aimless wandering, Aeliana stumble upon a Elk herd that was migrating and follows after it. Several hours of travel brought her to the Teekon Wilds.

1.15.19—After a month and a half of being a nomadic Loner she digs out a temporary den in Cedar Creek only to find out that its an area being taken by an upcoming pack named Kamiki from a wolf named Issun. After a bit of talking, she takes him up on his offer and joins his group.

2.3.19— After seeing Reuvi leave the group, Aeliana decided to take her to leave as well, sadden that Kamiki couldn't grow to be a full pack.

2.4.19— After a long travel over to the Rising Sun Valley, she attempted to join another Pack but was refused. Consumed by her emotions, she raced off to take out her anger on something but was surprised to meet another wolf, but the name of Lily, who offered to join her pack and she happily accepted.

6.2.19—An attack from a Bear happen upon the pack, two pack members died, one of them being Lily and it left Aeliana reeling. Since she extensively patrols borders more than anyone, she felt that it was her fault that they died and so buried herself in her work to ignore the pain.

7.5.19—To her shock, Eysuim's numbers began to dwindle until eventually the pack that was so caring to her dispersed into the winds. Aeliana took this as a sign to leave out on her own and learn to truly survive as a Loner and once she felt ready, she'll try to join a pack again.

SUMMER 2020 —2021



Strenght: ✦✦✦✦✦✦○○○○
Speed: ✦✦✦✦○○○○○○
Stamina: ✦✦✦✦✦✦✦○○○
Fighting: ✦✦✦○○○○○○
Hunting: ✦✦✦✦○○○○○○

Lilac with a hint of Oakwood.

105.5 lbs (Underweight )

HEIGHT(to shoulder) & LENGHT
36in. (3'0" ft.) / 1.7m (5'5" ft.) long

A regal stance, usually has head high and tail raised slightly.

Like that of a Draft horse. Heavy yet powerful.

Elena from SYF Bitten

'When will my life begin [Reprised Verson]' from Tangled.


Lawful Good


Biological Family

Raksha — Fate unknown
Bearclaw —Fate unknown

Leela — Fate unknown
Rama — Fate unknown
Akela — Fate unknown



(Continued in Pawprints. )
Pack History



Previous Packs/Ranks

April 10, 2018—November, 20, 2018
November 20, 2018—January 15, 2019
Pledged from January 15, 2019—February 3, 2019
February 3, 2019—February 23, 2019
February 23, 2019— September 20, 2019
September 20, 2019—October 2, 2020
Profile of Aliana: Additional Information
Registered on December 19, 2018, last visited 1 hour ago
—Somewhat food aggressive

Currently in Rising Sun Valley.
Aliana's Signature

This is the law of the Jungle, as old and as true as the sky, And the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die.
As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk, the law runneth forward and back; For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.
Player Notes
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