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Full Name: Puck
Subspecies: Coywolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1.9 (June 2017)
Birthplace: Outside
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face claim; grant guston
sexuality; heterosexual
tarot; the sun
mated to; none
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Puck thinks he's pretty great, to be frank. he believes he's a handsome fellow on the cusp of getting even better looking with age. he isn't so much self-absorbed as he is proud of himself. he won't look at himself in the reflection but he'll boast about his looks to anyone who'll listen. realistically, the young man is average compared to some other wolves. he has a smaller body than many large males, weighing in a medium appearance.

he has no scars or distinguishing markings. he has a cheeky grin but that's really all. his coat is similar to an Eurasian wolf, but his eyes are a light fuschia. they often twinkle with mischief. it's sorta funny how he goes on about himself, wailing about his 'good looks' and feinting all sorts of funny movements. he's very dramatic and flamboyant in stance. but he just does it to get a good laugh out of the other person. he really isn't that serious.
Puck is Puck.

he really can't be anything he isn't, and what he isn't is a downer. he frequently is seen with a wide grin on his face, heartily clapping the backs of his acquaintances and filling locations with the roar of laughter. he may be a petty thief (suffering from kleptomaniac episodes) but at least he has a good time with it. stealing gives him a thrill when before it was a means of survival. even if he gets caught, he's ready with some sort of excuse. the thrill still doesn't leave him. some would claim he was very reckless but he tells them that he lives for only himself. he isn't selfish. he doesn't let his friends go down for what crimes he does himself. he will gladly take the blame and proverbial jail time for his own mistakes.

he likes the company of pretty women but isn't one for commitment. not now at least. he's still very young and inexperienced with the heart. Puck is very play-it-by-ear. if there is chemistry involved, he'd go back to the girl but others are used for a quick spell and dropped. but sometimes they grow to be his favorite 'friends with benefits' sort of deal. he has never opened his heart, too busy with other things and occupied with survival to think more about spending his life with another. quick things and flings are typically what he does, but isn't below patting a girl on the back if she's crying about it. he isn't a monster.

he has a very devil may care attitude and is quite flippant with how he deals with others. allies and friends can expect him to be very generous. enemies can expect to be stabbed in the back. maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but soon if he can help it. he hates when someone screws him over and will most likely repay the favor if a truce isn't made. Puck tries to be upfront with people even if he doesn't like them. sneaking around, playing with people and their feelings... it leaves a bad taste in his mouth. he will tell you what he thinks of you after some consideration. he won't rush into things without thinking it through. but that's the social aspect, only. he is reckless in his goals.
arriving in the Teekons in 2018, Puck wandered for a bit before trying to settle in Easthollow. though for some reason he had wandered away at the joining, meeting Greyback briefly, to resume traveling. now he returns, seeking a new life since he's grown up juuuust a bit.
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