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Basic Info
Full Name: Epic
Subspecies: Eastern Timberwolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year (21st of December 2017)
Birthplace: Pine Cone Country, USA
At A Glance
A scrawny young lass; with large, oversized paws a dirty, ruffled coat and a long, slender tail. A straggler you'll probably want to walk by quickly. His body shows the skeletal image of a wolf who has known the challenges of survival in the wild. He is known by strangers as "twiddlesticks", a name given to him because of his lanky appearance.
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Profile of Epic: Details
A lanky “twiddlestick” wolf with an unkempt fur. By looks alone Epic doesn’t look different than an average wolf, except that he is anything but pretty. His fur is a natural salt ‘n peppery look with several shades of mottled brown, gray and blacks. Epic has golden eyes.
Epic is a dreamer, who dreams of being strong, tough and intimidating. Reality is different, however. He is also an adventurer, known to face danger eye-to-eye and often get in trouble because of it. He has a few scars here and there. The lanky wolf tries to be a true hero, but epicly fails to be so. He is kindness-in-a-box; most of the times :)
He had a bad concussion and only remember vaguely things of his past. Naming himself "Epic" because one day he vows, dreams and hopes to be a hero. An epic one.
Pack History
None in this area.
Lone wolf for as long as he can remember. Although he likes to refer himself as a "'wild wanderer".
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