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Full Name: Finbar "Fluke" Finchley
Subspecies: Grey wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year, 5 months (June 24, 2017)
Birthplace: Stellar's Jays Falls
At A Glance
A large chunk of a wolf- with the appearance of one having not yet shed his baby fat or developed a trim, adult physique. He looks younger than he is, due to this, but is still quite tall, and has large bones.

His pelt is black phase, though only his legs, ears and the bridge of his nose are actually black; the rest of him is silver-ticked. He has soft, laughing, jade green eyes.
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A bruiser of a wolf, who hasn't quite lost all of his puppy fat yet, but is lost somewhere in the transition between fat baby and dad bod. He's a thick-boned creature, with good stature on his side, and thick, heavy sides which are a bit soft in his youth, making him look a bit more chubby than anything else, as he has yet to burn off the fat and develop the muscle and brawn of a fully grown male wolf. He has a good deal of self-love and self-confidence, so he doesn't mind it being pointed out that he's a bit on the pudgy side, though it used to bother him quite a bit when he was young, as he was teased for it.

His coat is technically that of a black phase wolf, but he does not have a solid black pelt. His legs are pure black, as are his ears, but the rest of his body is fairly dark but dappled with silver-tipped guard hairs. He has a black stripe leading up the bridge of his muzzle, as well as a dorsal stripe. His eyes are a soft, jade green.
He may be a big fella, but Finbar is all softie. Somewhat sensitive when bullied, but an advocate for others, and fiercly loyal to those he befriends. A bit of a goof, but with good intentions.
Though Fluke doesn't know it, he was born to a pack of wolves that he has no memory of, and was stolen away by nomads. The wolves who were his biological parents were part of a pack of noble, knight-like wolves who had a strong sense of community, family and honour. But shortly after his birth, he was snatched by roving bandits from a nomadic pack, who chose him for his size, and would raise him alongside their own children, like many other stolen youths. He is aware that he was possibly a stolen child- but it never seemed to bother him, as he considered the two wolves who raised him to be his parents regardless of whether they were biologically his or not.

He was brought up alongside three brothers, all smaller than him in size. His parents and the rest of the pack figured he might grow to become an excellent bandit, or in the very least, a good guardian, what with his frame being so large- but his gentle nature seemed to disappoint them. He had a whimsical, lackadaisical view on life, and often got distracted from his lessons by things like butterflies or birds.

As he grew, the other youngsters his age began to pick on him more, but oddly enough, the older females of the nomadic pack took a shining to him for his kind and patient nature. So as he grew, he rewarded those who treated him kindly with as much love and attention as he could spare, and allowed the insults of his brothers and other young packmates to roll off his thick shoulders. He seemed to have a lucky streak in him, much to the ire of his brothers, and it earned him the nickname Fluke.

When he turned a year old, they began to train the youths the way to be a bandit, stealing from other packs as they passed by them- and though Fluke didn't really mind the fact that he himself might have been stolen, he did object to the act as he could tell hos upset it made the parents they stole from. Unable to follow their ways, once he caught a glimpse of the true hurt they caused, he left the pack and began to wander on his own.

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^^ FLUCCA for the win.
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