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Basic Info
Full Name: Daivya Meladi
Subspecies: Mixed Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 Years (10/10/2016)
Birthplace: Outside of Teekon
At A Glance
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Profile of Daivya: Details
Daivya is a lithe, beautiful wolfess - her pelt is smooth and silky (though grows thick and plush in winter), a base of grey draped in subtly varying shades of a dark, rosy brown and adorned with enchanting speckles of white (like snowflakes) dotted over her face, paws, tail and flanks. Reddish ginger hangs over her shoulders, where there is a few streaks of white; the tips of her tail, paws, ears and muzzle are coated in more white. She is of an average height, if not on the slightly shorter side, but her legs are long and sleek to accompany her svelte physique.

A woman who captures the eyes of others with ease, adorned with eyes of a sleepy, pastel purple.
Though she is regal in the way she moves, Daivya is a shy but motherly girl, who is eager to demonstrate that she is worthy enough to care for young - she was raised to believe that men are superior, and this knowledge has been respected throughout her entire life. She is encouraging and positive, but not sickeningly so, and she is excellent at reading emotions; sometimes almost to a point where it is unnerving, but she struggles to figure out her own emotions and this is one of her biggest faults. She can become flustered incredibly easily, and dislikes how easily it shows on her face.

Daivya loves to be social (despite being shy), and enjoys the comfort of a pack at her back - she fears being alone, but is determined and willing to take the lead in situations that allow her to. She will not challenge a male.

To be adjusted as time goes on.
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Profile of Daivya: Additional Information
-speaks greek (note: i do not speak greek, so a translator is used. i apologize if any of them are wrong).

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