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Lucia De Las Arenas
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Basic Info
Full Name: Lucia De Las Arenas
Subspecies: Coywolf
Sex: Female
Age: 4 years (April 30th, 2015)
Birthplace: Northern Mexico
At A Glance
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--- just like the white winged dove...
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Profile of Lucia De Las Arenas: Details
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She was beautiful once. She was the pride of the pack- the apple of her father's eyes even despite her half-breed heritage.

Those times are long gone now though. She is a broken mirror. Sparkling green eyes plucked from her head, leaving nothing but scars and empty sockets. Her short pelt would be a reminder of her desert homelands, now it just keeps her cold. A mishmash of tawnies with highlights of ochre and unders of grey-creams. It too is ruined with the scars of the past. Her frame once healthy and feminine and suggested to her by her father in jest to have been sculpted specially by god is now all jutting bones, and sunken eye sockets. Large ears rise tall above her petite stature. A clear indicator of her coyote heritage, they are something she was once proud of. Now, she isn't sure.
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- when ricardo de la arenas spotted the beautiful coyote with eyes the color of jade chasing a rabbit through the valley he knew that he had to have her. he sent out a posse of his finest men to track her down and bring her to him. when she was finally found and presented to him, she introduced herself as chalchiuitl. ricardo merely laughed and forced the nickname "chachi" upon her despite her wishes.

- the king courted her. however, as charming of a front as he put on, his advances were more of an annoyance than a pleasure. chalchiuitl did not intend to stay in the wolf's kingdom, for she was a solitary creature. nomadic, and proud. unfortunately, she didn't notice the burly guards following her everywhere she went. there was no escape.

- one day, she marched up to ricardo and demanded to be let free. ricardo merely smirked. the next day they were married in front of the entire kingdom of sand, and chalchiuitl never said a word. within months, breeding season came and went and the now quiet coyote fell pregnant with the rey's children.

- it was a healthy birth of four pups. three boys, and a beautiful girl coming last. ricardo was overjoyed and a celebration ensued. the four were baptized and christened. lucia was given her name from the fact that she was said to have brought light into her father's world.

- ricardo was always strict on his sons, as one of them would be chosen to be his heir. lucia on the other hand was spoiled, and treated just like the princesa she was. being that she was the only one who had inherited their mother's green eyes, she was doted on excessively by her father who coveted the trait.

- it wasn't only her father. the whole pack adored her. she always had a smile on her adorable little face and was friendly to all- even those at the bottom of the hierarchy. she was called the kingdom's light.

- in her teenage years, while taking a stroll along the borders she came across a wounded wolf about her age. she was apprehensive at first, but the male soon won her over. he was handsome, and charming, and his name was santiago. she helped him into their territory and brought him to their healer.

- they spent days together while santiago got well, and something began blossoming between the two youths. when the time came that she introduced him to her father, the rey was beyond furious. he could see the way that santiago looked at his daughter. ricardo couldn't believe some mangy peasant dared to look at his princesa like that. so, he ran the boy out of the pack.

- not long after he betrothed his daughter to someone he did deem worthy. a strapping young warrior named francisco, who ricardo was sure would help lucia bear healthy green eyed children. she was furious and they fought, and she ran away. santiago appeared and they plotted their escape, but not without francisco overhearing.

- lucia was drug before her father who told her that if she did not bring santiago here to be killed, then she would be considered a traitor to the pack and exiled. she agreed, but only to give herself time to escape into the wild with santiago.

- they were given a few days of bliss exploring the world outside of the kingdom, but their freedom did not last long. there was no way he was going to let his princesa escape with a heathen. one night while sleeping under the open stars, the couple found themselves surrounded by ricardo's soldiers who promptly awoke them.

- after a small skirmish, lucia and santiago knew they had no choice. there were too many of them, so they gave in. their young love was not worth dying over. upon being escorted back to reino del arena, they were seperated. lucia pushed into one of the dens, and santiago was taken away. it was an hour before her father arrived with his muzzle covered in blood.

"i can smell it on you. you've tainted yourself with him! you've disgraced the de la arenas name! you've embarrassed me!" ricardo growled his muzzle wrinkled and brows furrowed as he stared his daughter down. "papa!" lucia's muzzle parted to defend herself and santiago, but she was silenced by the larger man's booming shout. "¡cállate! do not dare speak to me, puta asquerosa!" a deep breath was taken before ricardo narrowed his amber eyes at her.

lucia had never seen that look. that glint. she'd only ever seen adoration. nothing ever even close to this. disappointment, maybe. never this hatred. gulping, she watched as the rey squared his shoulders. "he got what he deserved, that degraciado." he grumbled and lucias ears pulled back. "i just wish that i had gotten to him in time before he killed mi princesa. mi luz. reino de las arena will mourn for her loss." the male let loose a sorrowful sigh as his ears drooped, and eyes watered. he put on the most believable facade sadness that it shocked lucia more than his words.

"que? papa, por favor, what do you mean?" lucia questioned with panic setting in, but he was already turning away from her. he disappeared out of the den and looked to the soldiers who had surrounded it. "drag her out. do what you wish with her." he ordered cooly, "don't let anyone see, and be sure to take her eyes. such precious gemstones do not belong to her." with that he began his stride away only pausing to call, "bury her with the rest of the family."

- after that, the soldiers tore her from the den. they beat her. they blinded her. they defiled her. they defeated her. it was hours before they were bored with her, and tossed lucia's still breathing body into the grave and buried her. after that, they didn't stick around long and returned to their king's side.

- an older she-wolf had been watching as they tossed her desecrated body into the ground, and as soon as the soldiers disappeared into the distance she approached. she dug lucia from her early grave, and carried her small ruined body back to where her own pack had been camping.

- she immediately took to work bringing lucia back to life. it took days, but when the young coywolf finally awoke, the witch was there. she helped the coywolf through the panic of her lack of sight. she gave her herbs to calm her, and introduced herself as marie.

- marie was the leader of the nomadic coven, and explained that they had been on a trip gathering herbs, and other goods from the exotic area before they would return back to the swamps far away from here. she offered mentorship, safety, and help with her new disability.

- after a few days of rest and thought, lucia agreed to come with them. she wasn't a loner. she craved the company of others, and with her blindness she could no longer survive on her own. plus, the farther away from reino de la arena the better.

- in the years after, lucia would become a beloved member of the coven and a close apprentice of marie alongside a younger sister named cora. she adapted to her disability in the ways that she could, and become healthy once more with the help of her tribe. her appearance forever ruined, and her mind still a little broken- but she was happy.

- during this time, she befriend a large raven whom she had found with an injured wing. using the skills she had aquired during her life in the coven she nursed him back to health. for that, he seemed to be thankful because he has not left lucia's side since.

- in the days before the collapse of the coven, there was unrest heavy in the air. marie was sick, and kept getting sicker. it was soon revealed that young cora had been poisoning their mentor in a fit of bitter jealousy, and put an end to the elderly woman. as soon as the witch was cold, cora attempted to take leadership but instead the coven disbanded.

- lucia was left alone, a feeling that she hated. sure, she had the raven that was never far behind, but it was not enough. she craved pack. family. broken hearted, the light witch set off wandering. and wander she did, clear across the country.

- lucia enters teekon wilds
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Pack History
PARENTS ricardo & chalchiuitl de la arenas
LITTERMATES three brothers.
SIBLINGS unknown.

MATE none.
LOVERS lonely.

COMPANION a large common raven. she calls him saint.

REINO DE LA ARENA birth - mid 2016
— princess
UNNAMED COVEN mid 2016 - mid 2018
— apprentice, witch

LONE WOLF mid 2018 - present

— searching for her tribe
Profile of Lucia De Las Arenas: Additional Information
* lucia is, obviously, blind and suffers from ptsd as well. i try to play both of these as realistically as possible, but if i am doing something wrong please feel free to tell me.
* siblings, past packmates, and various family members are available to be played if that is something that so interests you.

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