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Basic Info
Full Name: Cadeau
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: (January 13th 2018)
Birthplace: Some town outside the forest
At A Glance
[Image: cadeau_by_wolf_chalk_dcx0b3i-pre.jpg]

Cadeau is a fire that was put out time and time again where ashes now lay bear. Born feisty and unafraid, the world proved too tough for the half wolf puppy.
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[Image: dd4oxsj-33fe9b00-f097-49d0-ad9d-dc3c7423...1V_tVOoXyY]

I am lost in a rainbow
Now our rainbow is gone
Overcast by your shadow
As our worlds move on
In this shirt I can be you
To be near you for a while
In this shirt I can be you
To be near you for a while
There's a crane knocking down
All these things that we were
I awake in the night to
Hear the engines pout
There's a pain it does ripple
Through my frame makes me lame
There's a thorn in my side
It's the shape it's the prize.

[Image: child_of_wolf_by_wolf_chalk_dcx41cd-pre....DyBPaL9j6I] [Image: adventure_ho__by_wolf_chalk_dd3iusx-pre....XqxNxpEsn8]

Cadeau is a dark brown colored female with a tan face, chest, belly and paws. Her inner ears are tan as well. Her face is petite and small with a little salmon nose, her fangs hang from her muzzle. She also has big darker colored ears and tail tip. Cadeau's eyes are sharp and egg-shaped like a wolf, yellow with dark brown irises. Cadeau has fluffy cheek fur. There is a distinctive diamond spot on her forehead. [Her dad was a pure Wolf, her mom was a Saint Bernard Herding mix with wolf too]

Nickname: Cady
Breed: Siberian Husky/Wolf/St. Bernard/Mutt Mix [More so wolf in bloodlines tho!]
Height: 29" inches
Weight: 85 lbs
Voice Reference: [Adult] Mirabelle Kirkland [Think Yumi Ishiyama from "Code Lyoko"!]
Trivia: Cadeau is the result of a wolf/wolfdog breeding
She thinks shes rather ugly, her paws are something shes insecure the most about.
She is knowledgeable in herbs [basic care tho] due to all the fights she picked as a pup, she needed to learn to patch herself up. She would like to study further on the subject.
Cadeau has an overbite, which is why her fangs always peek out.
Her tail curls up when shes happy and excited like a husky.
Cadeau isn't built to fight as she is lithe and wiry like a cat but if needed she won't back down.
Cadeau gets her distinctive diamond spot from her father Snowy, who allegedly has very distant husky somewhere in his bloodline.
She has a high prey drive and made her dangerous to domestic living. Her mixed heritage causes her to act out unpredictably when stressed especially.

"Not a dog, not a wolf... all she knows is what she's not."

Cadeau's heart is shrouded in uncertainty and hurt feelings from a past fraught with judgement and shame. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me defined much of her youth and early adulthood.[Image: reflection_by_wolf_chalk_dd3iljc-pre.jpg...Ue28b_c9rU]
She is kind and empathetic towards others, often extending a helpful paw even if it might bite her in the end. Cadeau has a need to please and hurts herself in her short comings, a mild control freak only when it comes to her own actions. Cadeau is pretty hard on herself at times. She is headstrong and pushy, which is a good thing and a bad thing, as Cadeau is passionate and excitable, once she sets her goals on something its hard to deter her. Cadeau as much as she likes to say she is careful and thoughtful to a T is in reality rather impulsive. She's just gotten better at putting on a presentation of cool and collected. It does not mean she is stupid and entirely reckless however. This also applies to her own ideals, which has lead her to trouble many times in the past. She is a provider through and through, having taken on the mantle to take care of her mother and brother in her youth. Cadeau is talkative and can talk ones ear off if you let her, she can come across as naive and filterless at times. She has a soft spot for the young and can't stand to turn someone needy away. Her temper can be short and beware should you fall target to it. Cadeau can be very cheeky and playful with the ones she is close to, or at least feels comfortable enough with to try. She is a hot mess of instincts and a lifetime of restraint over them has made her unpredictable, causing her to fear losing control of many aspects in her every day livelihood. She has a interest in medical herbs and tracking, something she wishes to study further.

My father married a pure Cherokee
My mother's people were ashamed of me
The Indians said I was white by law
The White Man always called me "Indian Squaw"

Cadeau was born in a small town far from the Teekon Wilds. Her father [Snowy] had been a tame wolf who came from faraway to live among human and dog society, he had not felt kinship with his feral ancestry. It left him a strange sight in the town and very much feared despite his docile personality, he wouldn't harm anyone though but it did little to change their views of the wild beast. He met her mother [Maela] during this time of trying to forge a life here with the domestic dogs he felt more in tune with. She found him a interesting sort, perplexing because why would a wolf want to live behind four walls and among humans? Being a stray, it confused her greatly but she did not judge him.

They made a bond with one another and time passed, resulting in Cadeau and her brother Lumikki being born. Welcomed into the world under the eyes of a proud Snowy, he was oblivious to just how harsh that world would become for the half wolf pups. Snowy taught them to be proud of their wolf blood, that it was something that made them unique and perhaps even stronger than the average dog. Cadeau wore her lupine heritage like a badge wherever she went, she wasn't fearful of it.

Half-breed, that's all I ever heard
Half-breed, how I learned to hate the word
Half-breed, she's no good they warned
Both sides were against me since the day I was born

Her simple happy life though began to change, it all began when instincts beyond her control took hold. She was always too aggressive, too headstrong and too... wild. Cadeau was too dominate in play fights with the neighborhood pups, resulting in many unhappy dog mothers coming to Maela and Snowy with complaints to reign their pup in. She had a uncontrollable prey drive, resulting in her chasing and hunting when it was not appropriate to do so in tame society. Many pet ducks, chickens, rabbits and the such were victims, the humans were not at all pleased.

We never settled, went from town to town
When you're not welcome you don't hang around
The other children always laughed at me
"Give her a feather, she's a Cherokee"

Cadeau became self conscious as she begun to feel shunned by the dogs she tried to befriend, even pups she grew up with since she was young. Humans drove her off whenever possible and soon it all came to a head when a man with gun came seeking her and her father out. Being strays, there was nobody willing to defend their case. Snowy, too friendly for his own good, approached the man hoping to show he was no danger to anyone. Instead, it was taken as a threat and he was killed where he stood. Cadeau bore witness to the event and realizing what being part wolf meant, started to shun her wild ancestry.

Half-breed, that's all I ever heard
Half-breed, how I learned to hate the word
Half-breed, she's no good they warned
Both sides were against me since the day I was born

She wanted to fit in with her dog friends and not be feared for things she could not control. Cadeau did whatever she could to ignore the call of the wild, until one day in one split moment of not restraining herself, she saw a small form dart out from under a fence. Prey drive kicking in, she chased the creature down and to her horror she realized it was a small dog she killed. Others had seen the murder of this dog and hyperventilating, Cadeau took off at a run, horrified at what she'd done. In the night, her mother tried to comfort her distraught pup but Cadeau felt no peace under the nuzzles of Maela. Once her mother was sleeping in the abandoned yard they called home, Cadeau slipped away quietly into the night. She couldn't stay here, she was too dangerous for the humans and other animals that lived in the town. She left for places unknown, hoping to find where could belong.

We weren't accepted and I felt ashamed
Nineteen I left them, tell me who's to blame
My life since then has been from man to man
But I can't run away from what I am"

Her journey leads her to Teekon Wilds and for now its where she stays, trying to adjust to what it means to be a wild wolf, something she isn't sure she wants to be... Cadeau will remain alone, afraid her instincts could get someone else innocent killed, like the poor dog back in the town.

Half-breed, that's all I ever heard
Half-breed, how I learned to hate the word
Half-breed, she's no good they warned
Both sides were against me since the day I was born

Chronological Log
[Filtering some RPs out to fit current timeline/canon better! So some past threads I won't be counting here as a result! Also acts as a diary/recap of what happened from Cadeau's POV.]

Cadeau meets Talos [Finished] "During my recent traveling I ran into a gangly wolf pup, well, kind of wolf pup, she was clearly growing into an impressive she-wolf. Her name is Talos, she has quite the personality, rowdy ball of fur. She acted all macho and bossy until I called her bluff, then she began to tell me how she was missing her lost brother. His name is Viinturuth, I hope I can remember it. For an annoying little girl I can't lie that I don't admire her spunk, I remember when I used to have that. I wish her the best in finding that boy. Maybe I'll keep my eyes and nose peeled for her like I promised, even if she was a rotten brat..."

Mind wrapped in darkness [Finished] "I had a bad dream, I think its an omen but more than likely its just my guilty conscious finding me. I can't seem to shake it, mama and Lumikki must be so worried... Speaking of finding, there seems to be a sudden theme in my encounters with the strangers here. I met a wolf called Dawn, she like Talos has lost a brother. Sunny I think? So many lost siblings, ironically I am also on that list if I let the thought stew. She didn't really want to talk much, just asked me a question about Sunny and went on her way. I offered to help but... could have gone worse I guess, huh?"

Somehow invested [Finished] "I feel like I'm going to be sick, I'm lucky I escaped that encounter at all with as much fur left on my back! It happened all so fast, I was just minding my own business when this... this awful beast, I refuse to even call him a wolf, attacked me! I stood my ground the best I could but he was much bigger than me. A stranger female broke up the fight, I didn't stick around to ask questions, I booked it out of there as quickly as I could. I'm trembling, he must be the kinds of wolves the town always talked about. I hope I never meet him again, it might be best I avoid drawing attention to myself from here on out. Its... its too risky..."

Alone and only a sojourner in the land, without friends or the need of them [Finished] "I can't really explain what has happened today, its all so confusing and unexpected and kind of reassuring all at once? I need to find a word for it... There was a wolf who was hurt, after my encounter with 'the beast' I was hesitant to approach him. He noticed me so I kinda had no choice but to reveal myself. His name is Illidan, I offered to treat his wounds and one thing lead to another... now we're traveling together to meet wolf packs. I spilled my heart out to a complete stranger, all that baggage... and you know what? It felt so good after I got over the embarrassment of the entire thing. I mean, it still hurts. He told me what I needed to hear, even if it stung like a open sore. I hope neither of us will regret this trip, I will do my best to be useful to him."

How can you ever learn what isn't shown [Unfinished] Illidan and me began our trip to go meet the wolf packs in the area, we hardly made a dent in the grand scheme of things when it began to pour like the heavens were hurting. Illidan lead us to a cave to bunker down and wait the storm out, I decided it was a good time for us to get to know eachother. We chewed the fat for a bit and I asked some questions, back and forth the two of us. I think Illidan is hiding something, I had my suspicions prior but it seems he's had a rough family life. He doesn't speak fondly of his two brothers. Bottling all those awful feelings isn't healthy, I know that better than anyone. I doubt he will take my offer of delving deeper. We'll be together for awhile I feel, maybe bit by bit I can get him to open up further to me. For now I'll let the river run its course."

All that ruckus ain’t called for [Finished] "Illidan and me came across the first wolf pack I've ever met. I really envy how cool and collected he was, I don't know about him but inside I seriously felt like I was dying on the spot! The two strangers come from a clan called 'Shadewood Keep', their names were Phex and Morgan. They asked us some questions, you know the standard stuff you would expect. I know Illidan said I should be honest about what and who I am to these packs but... its still too soon for me to try, I'm sorry, so I told some white lies instead. Morgan is going to tell his leader about us and see if I got a shot with this pack. One pack down, a million more to go."

Weaving baskets [Unfinished] [Not enough has happened yet to make a proper diary entry, stay tuned]

I learned a lot about the way of things [Finished] "I decided to practice my tracking and stealth skills, so I followed my nose. It lead me to an abandoned den with a possum inside, it was then I met a she-wolf who was nearby, her name is Vuk. She gave the possum a good whacking after it bit her. She killed it by pulling it out of the earth, which I was a bit grateful that she'd done it instead of me, killing even for food is still hard for my moral compass right now. I am learning though with Illidan's help. She offered to share the meal. After we ate, she showed me how moss is a good disinfectant and about yarrow for fever and to induce vomiting. I traded my own information too, it was only fair. I was intrigued by our talk about medicine but then to my disappointment she left, maybe we will meet again someday, she was very nice."

I'm building this house on the moon [Unfinished] [Not enough has happened yet to make a proper diary entry, stay tuned]

And I know more [Unfinished] [Not enough has happened yet to make a proper diary entry, stay tuned]

Meeting Kita [Unfinished] [Not enough has happened yet to make a proper diary entry, stay tuned]

Peter Pan, that's what they call me [Unfinished] [Not enough has happened yet to make a proper diary entry, stay tuned]

No gale can down this ship [Finished] "Today sure was something, I think it's a good something though. It's a welcome change after all the messes I've been trying to leave behind. I was investigating some interesting flower specimens when I came across a male wolf, his name is Ingram and he comes from some pack called 'Dispora', I wonder if Illidan knows about it. He was a really nice guy, the lucky fella even has some plucky kids on the way and a girlfriend! Bless him, really, I hope the best for my new friend. We talked about a few things, family, friends, life in general... I don't know what is with me and spilling secrets to strangers I just met. Anywho he got nosey about my relationship with Illidan, not that I could blame him it sounds fishy when you got a lone boy and girl traveling alone in the open wilderness... unsupervised. Scratch that fantasy, Illidan is just my partner and friend! It's really making me think though, after meeting that Maia girl recently and now this... I think my feelings are changing, shifting... I need to get a grip before it gets out of paw. Ingram thinks I should shoot for Illidan, follow my heart but... where is it really leading me to? Is what I'm feeling even real and... would Illidan really ever see me as a woman? I guess as papa use to say, just gotta let the river run its course even if the rocks are jagged. I wish my life would stop complicating itself."

There's something in the water, I do not feel safe [Unfinished] [Not enough has happened yet to make a proper diary entry, stay tuned]

Currently on a journey with Illidan ~


Cadeau's Direct Family

Father: Snowy [Deceased]
Mother: Maela

Brother: Lumikki [Littermate]

Cadeau's Relationships

[Flowers represent 'meter', the more darker the flowers the more Cadeau knows and likes about them]

❤ = romantic attraction
✖ = dislike
★ = family/loves like family

Illidan - ✿✿❀❀❀ "I've only started to get to know him but there's something about him that feels trustworthy... safe, guess kinda like home if I had to pick a word for it. He's helping me find a place to live so that might be why, I hope I can repay the favor in time as we travel together. Though I do wish our first encounter hadn't been so... dramatic, I really spilled my guts out to him."

Talos - ✿✿❀❀❀✖ "She's got a lot of spunk this girl, I can respect that. I can see under all that bravado though is a lot of hurt... Something I can understand all too well, I wish I could be honest with the kid and tell her that. I wish her the best in finding her brother, and maybe we can become friends in the future too."

Revui - ❀❀❀❀❀✖ "I never want to cross paths with this awful wolf again! I wasn't doing anything wrong and he just attacks me like a true bully! If he didn't want me there he could have just told me like a polite creature. He must be the kinds of wolves the town dogs use to gossip in the shadows about... I think I'm going to be sick."

Aeliana ❀❀❀❀❀ "She saved my life I think from that male but at the same time she may have only done so to chase me out herself or something... I don't know, I wasn't going to stick around long to find out if she was a friend or foe."

Morgan ❀❀❀❀❀ [Cadeau has no solid opinion yet]

Phex ❀❀❀❀❀ [Cadeau has no solid opinion yet]

Bug ✿✿❀❀❀ "What a strange little wolf... I'm not scared at all but I feel scared FOR her at least I guess. Openly talking to strangers and letting birds peck her nose off like its no problem. I can't tell if she's deliberately endearing or just kind of... Nevermind, I just hope the girl gets more enlightened."

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