Profile of Cadeau: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Cadeau
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: [2 years?] (May 26th 2017)
Birthplace: Some town outside the forest
At A Glance
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Profile of Cadeau: Details
Cadeau is a dark brown colored female with a tan face, chest, belly and paws. Her inner ears are tan as well. Her face is petite and small with a little salmon nose, her fangs hang from her muzzle. She also has big darker colored ears and tail tip. Cadeau's eyes are sharp and egg-shaped like a wolf, yellow with dark brown irises. Cadeau has fluffy cheek fur. [Her dad was a pure Wolf, her mom was a Saint Bernard Herding mix with wolf too] [Art by me]
She has mellowed out over the course of seasons with all that has happened to her. Once a happy-go-lucky adventurous bruiser, harsh experiences have cowed her to be more reserved and calm. Cadeau can still be passionate and excitable but it has dimmed with her maturity. Cadeau has a fear of losing control of her more wolf side in the wake of tragedy that her family faced. Cadeau tends to be secretive, not wanting to hurt others. She is friendly and willing to extend a helping paw to those who need it, even if it could backfire for Cadeau. Cadeau tends to think before acting but with a short temper like hers she can at times come across as snappy or rude, sh e does not have much of a filter. Cadeau fears never finding acceptance anywhere and so keeps much of what she is under wraps. If the dogs had been unwilling to accept a halfling why would wild wolves? Lonely yet craving affection, she is a mixed bag of emotions and urges. The pack animal in her wishes for structure and unity, the comfort of solid bodies and care from others.
Cadeau was born in a small town far from the Teekon Wilds. Her father [Snowy] had been a tame wolf who came from faraway to live among human and dog society, he had not felt kinship with his feral ancestry. It left him a strange sight in the town and very much feared despite his docile personality, he wouldn't harm anyone though but it did little to change their views of the wild beast.

He met her mother [Maela] during this time of trying to forge a life here with the domestic dogs he felt more in tune with. She found him a interesting sort, perplexing because why would a wolf want to live behind four walls and among humans? Being a stray, it confused her greatly but she did not judge him.

They made a bond with one another and time passed, resulting in Cadeau being born. Welcomed into the world under the eyes of a proud Snowy, he was oblivious to just how harsh that world would become for the half wolf pup. Snowy taught her to be proud of their wolf blood, that it was something that made them unique and perhaps even stronger than the average dog. Cadeau wore her lupine heritage like a badge wherever she went, she wasn't fearful of it.

Her simple happy life though began to change, it all began when instincts beyond her control took hold. She was always too aggressive, too headstrong and too... wild. Cadeau was too dominate in play fights with the neighborhood pups, resulting in many unhappy dog mothers coming to Maela and Snowy with complaints to reign their pup in. She had a uncontrollable prey drive, resulting in her chasing and hunting when it was not appropriate to do so in tame society. Many pet ducks, chickens, rabbits and the such were victims, the humans were not at all pleased.

Cadeau became self conscious as she begun to feel shunned by the dogs she tried to befriend, even pups she grew up with since she was young. Humans drove her off whenever possible and soon it all came to a head when a man with gun came seeking her and her father out. Being strays, there was nobody willing to defend their case. Snowy, too friendly for his own good, approached the man hoping to show he was no danger to anyone. Instead, it was taken as a threat and he was killed where he stood. Cadeau bore witness to the event and realizing what being part wolf meant, started to shun her wild ancestry.

She wanted to fit in with her dog friends and not be feared for things she could not control. Cadeau did whatever she could to ignore the call of the wild, until one day in one split moment of not restraining herself, she saw a small form dart out from under a fence. Prey drive kicking in, she chased the creature down and to her horror she realized it was a small dog she killed. Others had seen the murder of this dog and hyperventilating, Cadeau took off at a run, horrified at what she'd done. In the night, her mother tried to comfort her distraught pup but Cadeau felt no peace under the nuzzles of Maela. Once her mother was sleeping in the abandoned yard they called home, Cadeau slipped away quietly into the night. She couldn't stay here, she was too dangerous for the humans and other animals that lived in the town. She left for places unknown, hoping to find where could belong.

Her journey leads her to Teekon Wilds and for now its where she stays, trying to adjust to what it means to be a wild wolf, something she isn't sure she wants to be... Cadeau will remain alone, afraid her instincts could get someone else innocent killed, like the poor dog back in the town.
Profile of Cadeau: Additional Information
Nickname: Cady
Breed: Siberian Husky/Wolf/St. Bernard/Mutt Mix [More so wolf in bloodlines tho!]
Height: 29" inches
Weight: 85 lbs
Voice Reference: [Adult] Mirabelle Kirkland [Think Yumi Ishiyama from "Code Lyoko"!]
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