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Full Name: Marruz "Ruz" Melonii
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley/Timber Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year (December 17)
Birthplace: someplace really shady
At A Glance
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A walking eidolon, Marruz is cloaked in intense, Stygian fell. His body is lean and sleek, with an elongated demeanor that compensates for his lack of brawny thew and stretches into long, limber appendages. As a child, he was not unlike that of a spider. As he aged, the bluish tint characteristic to those of Melonii blood only embellished the infernal shock of his sable flanks. Much to his chagrin, however, the boy's handsome endowment is somewhat blemished in that it disregards the construct of a pure Melonii, for upon his left paw there can be seen the faint outline of a smoky-gray sock pulled up short across his ankle (just below the dewclaw).

From a distance, Marruz's left eye is so dark a black that it appears to be absent from its position adjacent to its smooth, indigo counterpart. They create a dynamic that can be described as unsettling to those at which they are directed; indeed, it can create the intuition of one who is speaking to two separate beings.

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In-Character ;
- encounters The Melonii
- first stargaze in the Weald
Pack History
➴ Parents ;

M'aiq x Missamsi Melonii

➴ Brothers ;

Mithas, Monwe

The Melonii - 1/20/19
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- most thread titles are derived from
"Hello My Old Heart" and "Dear Wormwood"
by The Oh Hellos
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