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Full Name: mista
Subspecies: cryptid
Sex: Male
Age: (oct, 1995)
Birthplace: USA
Love: xynien
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Hi! I never know what to write for these things, but have updated this profile quite a few times. Send help.
        I joined Wolf back in January 2019 with my character, Evergreen, and have been here ever since. I’m usually open to threads and am always on the look out for new folks to write with, so if you’re ever interested, please do send me a PM or DM on Discord! Or you can tag any character of your choosing in a thread.
        Other than Wolf, I’ve a love for sleeping, coffee, anime/manga, video games, and dinosaurs. I also own two adorable cats.
        Related to Wolf, I draw on occasion. I am open for commissions and trades! Sometimes I will also take requests.
Discord: mista#0007
Deviantart: svarrook

In general, these guidelines apply to my characters:
xI write short, fast posts unless inspiration strikes & it flows. I don’t always mirror!
xSkip in group threads if 3 days have passed.
xReference/minor powerplays are allowed by pack-mates/friends/family if tagged.
xArchive threads if it's been a month without responses from any party, unless we've discussed ahead of time for a slower thread. Some characters may be slower than others for me to post with, it's up to you whether you'd like to continue at snails pace or archive for an ooc end!
xOpen to; thread requests, trade threads, sprees, ooc ends
xiClosed to; OOC plotting such as relationships/planning anything relating to the future

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