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Basic Info
Full Name: Oath
Subspecies: Eastern wolf/Red wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (10/31/17)
Birthplace: Sparrowhawk Island
At A Glance
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Profile of Oath: Details
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Oath is small in stature, topping out at a whopping 50lbs/23kg and standing a mighty 22" tall. (don't tell her she's little)

She is small and lean, with dainty paws and a small nose with short cheek fur. Her ears are large and tufted, her whiskers short but thick. Her eyes are bright amber, small and almond shaped, turning up at the corners with thin, expressive eyebrows. She wears a mask of perpetual peevishness, tinged with disinterest and, occasionally, disgust. (picture eternal resting grump face) She rarely smiles, and when she does, it doesn't reach her eyes.

Oath's coat is short and soft, thickening only slightly in the winter. She is not built for colder climates, although its rare to see her shivering - from internal warmth or sheer determination, nobody knows.

Oath is a myriad of natural colors ranging from the darkest mahogany to a rich cream. Her underbelly is creamy, bordered by a rust that is, probably, her base color and her back is dark chocolate, broken only by a pale cape just past her shoulders. Her face is horizontally split - cream from the nose down, ending at a dark 'collar' of sorts that wraps around her neck. From the nose up, a mask of that deep brown that fades into different shades down her neck and up her ears. She bears eyebrow spots, as well.

Plain bordering on pretty.
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