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Full Name: Reif Shakti-Singing-Sunlight
Subspecies: timber wolf mix
Sex: Male
Age: 0 (26/04/19)
Birthplace: elysium
At A Glance
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character inspired by cassandra clare's tiberius blackthorn
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Reif is currently away. Reason: midterms v.v
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Profile of Reif: Details
----> on the smaller side, very skinny and appears almost frail. will never seem to fully grow into himself and will remain all limbs, holding onto that lanky yearling look.

----> soft boyish features

----> creamy toned fur, appearing at its lightest around his face, chest and underside. grows darker as you near near the top until finally forming a darker brown band along his back.

----> eyes are a soft sage green.  #9DC183
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[Image: 156e4d1fb78a279b239c880ab3ba295f.gif][reif has mild autism]

----> is extremely intelligent and has a photographic memory

----> does not speak often and seems overly mature and serious for his age. sarcasm tends to go right over his head.

----> does not understand how emotions work which gives him a deep unease towards them as he is used to understanding everything around him and is well aware that he is almost always the 'smartest wolf in the room'. although he does feel emotions he expresses them in very different ways to most, usually coming off as cold or indifferent.

----> hates fighting and hunting; not out of the good of his heart but simply hating the idea of it and tends to refuse to engage in either.

----> very in tune with the world around him and likes working with herbs. will prefer to be by himself with nature than around most other wolves.

----> has no filter whatsoever and will not understand why some would get offended by his blunt honesty.

----> very neat and always clean, likes order and gets stressed if things get crazy.
Pack History
parents: olive shakti-singing-sunlight , seabreeze , ariel singing-sunlight
siblings: sundance shakti-singing-sunlight , atwood shakti-singing-sunlight
uncle: cortez

only known relatives listed - has a lot of other older siblings.
26/04/19 - 17/09/19

lone wolf
18/09/19 - present
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"-he was described as brilliant, and as quite odd, strange, solitary, and somewhat divorced from the world."
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