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Basic Info
Full Name: Reif Shakti-Singing-Sunlight
Subspecies: timber wolf mix
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (26/04/19)
Birthplace: hushed willows, teekon wilds
At A Glance
[Image: LiveNeighboringCockatiel-size_restricted.gif]
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Reif is currently away. Reason: starting college and adjusting to changes - very minimal posting; polaris will be prioritized
Away Since: November 24, 2020 — Returns on: Unknown

Profile of Reif: Details
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full body reference                 inspiration

”sometimes the silence guides our minds...”

soft, willowy boy covered in pale pastels. skinny and angular, never appearing to fully grow into himself. soft but short peach toned fur covers his willowy limbs, darkening around his haunches until forming a dark band along his back. fur pales to a creamy white on his stomach until forming a love heart shape on his chest and face. flighty eyes are a soft sage

        code by ares
[Image: original.gif][reif has mild autism]

inquisitive and sharp with a photographic memory. endlessly fascinated with the world around him, loves animals, insects, plants and herbs. socially awkward, fears crowds and disorder. does not deal well with shock and surprise, enjoys consistency. stubborn and sometimes haughty. can come across as aloof or cold due to a difficulty portraying emotions. takes everything extremely literal and struggles with sarcasm. lacks independence and seeks to be cared for, yet pride will lead him to deny it.

rarely makes direct eye contact, seeks pressure when he's anxious or spiralling.

[Image: sleepreif.png]
art by greyson
Pack History
parents: olive shakti-singing-sunlight , seabreeze , ariel singing-sunlight
siblings: sundance shakti-singing-sunlight , atwood shakti-singing-sunlight
uncle: cortez

only known relatives listed - has a lot more in game.
26/04/19 - 17/09/19

lone wolf
18/09/19 - present
Profile of Reif: Additional Information
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secondary character
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