Profile of Cordelia: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: (Corra) Cordelia Valois
Subspecies: Arctic Gray Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (6/28/2017)
Birthplace: Canada
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Profile of Cordelia: Details

Cordelia has a slender womanly shape and is built smaller than most. Her lush, voluminous, and soft fur is strikingly white with accents of silver-gray. Small light gray freckles cover her muzzle and fade over her cheeks. Her eyes are a light, glowing, pearl blue.

Her appearance screams innocent, elegant beauty. Cordelia keeps constant upkeep of her appearance, having been taught in her royal upbringing that appearances matter.

Human Model: Adelaide Kane as Mary Stuart

Size: 60lbs | 28in at Shoulders

Scent: Sweet Sugar Maple

Having been raised in a royals family Cordelia is rather proper and well mannered. It shows in the way she speaks and holds herself. Knowing that others are watching and that appearances matter she likes to present her best self. This also carries over to how much time and precision she incorporates into her outward appearance.

After the attack from the faction on her family, Cordelia went into hiding within the Teekon Wild. Knowing that those of the faction would continue to look for her, she is on constant alert and caution. She doesn’t open up easily, needing to know she can truly trust a person before revealing anything personal about herself. Including her name, which is why most will know Cordelia as Corra.

Despite recent events in her life Cordelia remains hopeful that her family is all right and that one day someone will send for her. This hope and optimism leak into her everyday life as well, wanting to see the good and happy outcome in everything she comes across.

Though Cordelia grew up as royalty she deeply understood that what benefited the pack benefited her, and so almost every action she takes it to benefit the well being of the pack she may be in. The thought being that what benefited others would indirectly make them better suited to helping her.

With Cordelia’s smaller size she lacks blunt strength. Because of this, she was taught in the ways of precise ambush hunting of birds and other small animals. Her size makes her light and built for speed. Making it easy for her to sneak up on her prey and quickly pounce.

Her parents, Henry Valois and Victoria Tudor, had a total of four children. Their first was a son named Authur. The next year Cordelia was born as their first daughter. The following year their last children were born, a son and a daughter named Julian and Adelaide.

The family was very close-knit, spending a majority of time together. Despite their differences in age and their perspective roles, all the siblings had a close relationship with one another.
From birth their destinies and duties were pre-decided. Authur was meant to inherit their parents legacy. Cordelia would wed into an allied pack, and their younger siblings would have greater freedom to marry and do as they please as long as it was approved by their parents or Authur and it benefited the pack.

Cordelia was born into a royal family believing that the blood flowing through their veins was what allowed them to lead their pack. But despite that, they were very keen on proving, to those living within their pack, that they were worthy of the position. Not a day went by that Cordelia and her siblings weren't being taught about their prospective roles within the pack. Every action, no matter how small, was made for the well being of the pack, and because of that the family was very popular among the pack and no resentment was held. Their numbers were large and healthy.

Though the family was beloved within their own pack, some neighboring packs grew jealous and more determined to see them fall.

During the morning of Authur's coming of age ceremony, held at the beginning of spring of his second year. The royal family and the court were bustling here and there to complete the finishing touches. Neighboring families of local packs would be coming to watch the ceremony. Giving them and Cordelia's family the chance to spectate and evaluate potential marriage alliances for Authur and indirectly Cordelia. Due to her younger siblings age, being younger than a year old, they would not be attending.

During her prep, Cordelia was gifted a crown of emerald blue phlox from her mother. Very grateful Cordelia wore it with confidence and pride. Her coat was made spotless and along with others, she took her place on the side to watch the ceremony.

Everything was going well. Guest were arriving and things were going according to plan, but something made Cordelia feel uneasy. She assumed it was the fact that this would be the first time others from neighboring back would arrive and her nerves were getting to her. But shortly after the ceremony began things did not go as smoothly.

When all of the attention was on Authur chaos broke out. A faction of wolves, a combination of mixed members from neighboring packs, allied against the bloodline set upon Cordelia's parents. Looking over to her parents all Cordelia could see was a flash of blood before she was ushered out of the ceremony room by a group of the royal guard.

She was brought to a secret chamber by the guards along with her brother Authur. Fighting and shouting could be heard in the distance but it would have to be ignored, for there were things that needed to be done. Despite her frantic state, Authur was collected enough to settle down Cordelia so he could remind her of the protocols put in place for situations like these.

Authur now of age would lead the charge to rid the faction from their pack. Guards would be sent to accompany him while others would be sent to their younger siblings to take them into hiding. Another set of guards would lead Cordelia out of the pack and into hiding. They would return when instructed, not prior and their identities would remain hidden. She said goodbye to her brother and she was ushered away.

Once out of the pack one guard lead Cordelia away, to reduce suspicion. He spoke of a place known as the Teekon Wilds. Close to the region but generally unknown, and it was the hope that those in the Teekon Wilds would have the same lack of knowledge of Cordelia's own region.

They did their best to move quickly and quietly believing that those within the faction might be searching for others of the royal family. Their beliefs were justified as along the way they were charged by a lone member of the faction. He made his way towards Cordelia but was intercepted by her guard. Startled and in shock she slowly back away as the two in front of her fought back and forth both drawing blood.

Somewhere in the struggle the lone member of the faction broke loose and lunged towards Cordelia. She was pinned down and blood from the faction members teeth and throat smeared down onto her neck and chest. Before the faction member could cause her any true harm the guard member tackled him to the ground and they began to fight once again. But this time the guard member told Cordelia to run and this is exactly what she did. Running for her life she ran into the teekon wilds.

IC: Upon entrance into the Wilds, Cordelia sustained an injury to her ankle in her panic and aftermath of a prior rainstorm. She was found and cared for by Dawson with his own nefarious intentions. Despite this, he cared for her well and he was the only one she trusted as he told her heathens roamed Teekon. Shortly after her ankle healed, Cordelia found Dawson covered in blood and dead having been killed by an unknown party. Cordelia blamed herself thinking it to be the assailant sent after her.

She was then found by Amaya who brought her to Cry at Shadewood where she stayed for a short time before the pack's disbandment. She was then left to fend for herself through the winter and famine.

While on her own she ran into a large titan male named Ghidorah. Cordelia was warry of him due to her warning from Dawson but allowed him to guide her across Teekon. After injuring her leg - secretly planned by Ghidorah - he took her to his pack the Nightwalkers where she remained a forgotten prisoner for over a month.

Leadership changed and Valour took charge. He was quick to release her once he learned of her. Soon after getting out of the pit Memory offered to take her away from the Nightwalkers and safely brought her to Reneian Empire to recover from her emaciated state.
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Profile of Cordelia: Additional Information
In the future, I may adopt out Cordelia's siblings.
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Cordelia's identity is currently unknown to the wolves of the Teekon Wilds. 
She is known by all as Corra.

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