Profile of RIP Parvati: Quick Facts
RIP Parvati
Played By: Java
Basic Info
Full Name: Parvati Atiyeh
Subspecies: C. l. lycaon
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (September 8th 2015 [mdash] August 1st, 2019.)
Birthplace: Erythraea
At a Glance
Her "face claim" is Akela, found on Dawnthieves.
( Her human equivalent would be Sol Koroleva )

Profile of RIP Parvati: Details
Stout, round, and soft; she has the classic agouti coat pattern which is composed of cream, gold, and mixed browns topped with a dense outer layer of umber and black. Her neck fur grows particularly long. The gold tones of her base coat also appear on her face in the form of a muted amber mask, contrasting against the earthy browns and grays. Her default expression is something detached, forlorn, or sad.
via Ramsay: Anansi, Sakhmet, Sobek (2019)
Pack History
Blackfeather Woods (April 2019)
Profile of RIP Parvati: Additional Information
Registered on March 09, 2019, last visited November 05, 2019, 01:02 AM
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