Profile of Heloise: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Heloise cel Mare
Subspecies: Tundra Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (April 2017)
Birthplace: Outside
At A Glance
tarot; the chariot,
sexuality; demisexual,
mated to; none,
face claim; eva green
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Profile of Heloise: Details
[Image: 2XZ3vTQx_o.png]

An ivory goddess to some. Thin and slender with a thick ruff of fur around her neck. Usually, not a speck of dirt graces her coat though she is tainted in other ways. A stoic being standing tall with various scarring littering her features. Predominately there is a jagged cut across the bridge of her snout that stands out the most. Pale periwinkle eyes, akin to ice, regard others with indifference. Her voice is neutral with a slight European accent.

1. You shall not lie.
2. You shall not harm the innocent.
3. You shall not murder. questionable.
4. You shall help the needy.
5. You shall honor legitimate authority that promotes goodness.
6. You shall follow the law.
7. You shall not betray others.
8. You shall bring criminals and evil-doers to justice.
9. You shall not steal.
10. You shall seek unlimited good for others and unlimited order in society.
A noble, a devout follower of the proverbial light. Attempts to do 'good' whenever possible. In essence, a holy Templar devout to lawful means. No nonsense though a mediator; prefers conflict for a good enough reason. Not at all a feminine being, though her long limbs are graceful and her body is such. Enjoys to wrestle and keep active. Heloise gets impatient with others easily, expecting more of them. Has an interest in healing and physical tasks. Self-proclaimed protector of the weak. Negatively sarcastic and strict. Demanding of others and wants them to do better. She does not take compliments well and flirtation is lost on her. serious. Mature for her young age, with realistic thoughts. A tactical thinker.
has come to Teekon on her travels through various realms. a lone wanderer without outright goals. prefers not to speak of her past. content to keep her secrets close.

during an encounter with Dawn, she reveals that she had been raised by a group of hermits in a mountain. whether she had any actual family is beyond knowledge right now.

obtained her first trade - Scout - on March 30th 2019.
Pack History
no wolves met yet
lone wolf - currently
stormrift - ceto - march 2019 to present
Profile of Heloise: Additional Information
Hel is my safe character. consent must be given to maim/attack/assault etc though I am very open to spars and development. I will only have one active fight going at a time with Hel; spars are limitless. if you're uncertain, contact me!

as a holy follower, Heloise does not mesh well with dark souls. consider her to act hostile and downright violent if anything that conflicts with her beliefs is in a thread. blood rituals, necromancy, sacrifices, devil worship, etc are a trigger for her.
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my name is Daisy and I am 28 years old. I am super friendly and love to chat so feel free to drop me a line anytime. open to plots, casual encounters, etc for my character.

trigger warnings include; incest, sexual assault, and graphic breeding. i will never do the following/be involved in a plot with the above things. fade to blacks are perfectly fine with me though!

discord is; lackadaisy#0690