Profile of Dragomir: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Dragomir

½ Arctic wolf
½ Mackenzie Valley wolf

Weight: Light Average
Height: Medium Tall
Eyes: Hazel
Fur: Black
Sex: Male
Age: 0.417 (01/04/2019)
Birthplace: Arrow Lake
Home: Whitefish River
At A Glance
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Profile of Dragomir: Details
Dragomir is a gangling youth with bright hazel eyes and a crooked smile, when he chooses to smile at all. His legs appear to be too long for his body and it's clear he still has a lot of filling out to do. His coal black coat is interlaced with translucent hairs, creating a mauve tone overall. With a rosy nose and conspicuous scarring on his hindquarters, he's recognizable even from a distance. He has a tall and strapping form, but stands below his father at the shoulder and is more lean than burly. Dragomir is currently relearning to stand and move with his newly mended hind leg while the other leg continues to heal, but his typical stride will become a swift prowl with a conspicuous hitch in his step that will lessen as he ages.
Dragomir tends to be withdrawn and detached from others at first, seeming reserved with his emotions or even distrustful, but has an unfortunate tendency to become inappropriately friendly or even clingy with anyone who grants him the love and inclusion that he craves most of all. He is occasionally prone to anger, particularly toward his parents, and might exhibit impulse control issues and struggle with commitment as he gets older.
Pack History
Parents: Aurëwen and Vercingetorix
Sibling: Isilmë
Diaspora: 01/04/2019 — 23/01/2019
Kaistleoki: 18/07/2019 — present
Profile of Dragomir: Additional Information
Broken leg recovery: Left — September 25

Dragomir now has one mended leg and is capable of moving, but due to severe muscle atrophy after six weeks of immobility, he requires a lot of help to stand and walk and is still unable to do so on his own. It can be assumed that behind the scenes, Dragomir often has to work on his leg strength and core strength, like some kind of wolf version of physical therapy.

Powerplay: Not permitted at this time without asking first.
Threads: Restricted to Kaistleoki.
Note: Slower activity while he heals.
Death lottery: Roll of 15 is death.
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