Profile of Dragomir: Quick Facts

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Lone Wolves

Basic Info
Full Name: Dragomir Skaiglaida
Subspecies: Grey wolf
Size: Large
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (Spring 2019)
Birthplace: Arrow Lake
At A Glance
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Dragomir is currently away. Reason: Babysitting my dumb cat until his stitches come out, not spending much time online.
Away Since: July 01, 2020 — Returns on: July 07, 2020

Profile of Dragomir: Details
A tall and strapping adolescent with a dark mauve nose and paw pads. His conformation tends toward the streamlined build of a proficient hunter. His black coat is scattered with faint silver hairs, granting him a subtle sheen. With a smooth and prowling gait, a strong jaw, a crooked grin and almond-shaped hazel eyes, he is a classically handsome wolf. Rarely aggressive and never boastful, but when the situation calls for it, Dragomir can become a terrific and unpredictable force to reckon with.
Voluntarily left the area to travel on May 24th, 2020.
Pack History
Mate: N/A
Offspring: N/A

Parents: Aurëwen and Vercingetorix
Siblings: Isilmë

No current allegiance.

Moonspear: September 2019 — April 2020
Kaistleoki: July 2019 — September 2019
Diaspora: April 2019 — June 2019

Hunter: Tracker
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Mercenary: Tactician
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Profile of Dragomir: Additional Information
Threads closed. I am currently wrapping up this character.
Characters with a mastery in the Mercenary or Caregiver trades may notice that Dragomir's left hind leg is slightly weak.
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