Profile of Newt: Quick Facts

Basic Info
Full Name: Newt
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley wolf hybrid
xxx50% Mackenzie Valley wolf
xxx25% Northern Rocky Mountains wolf
xxx12.5% Arctic wolf
xxx12.5% Eastern Timber wolf

Sex: Male
Age: 0 Years (April 17, 2019)
Birthplace: Stone Circle, Teekon Wilds
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Profile of Newt: Details
Quote:A scrawny boy at first, though grows rapidly and catches up to his brother, West, in his adolescence. Like his parents, he is agouti and holds a steely grey tone like his mother and father. He inherits Greyback's long fur and his mother's markings. Like his siblings, he inherits a saddle marking on his back that is silver. He has green eyes.

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Bridged between law & chaos, a neutral alignment that seeks to be "good".

Beliefs bound by a philosophical mindset, Newt understands there cannot be good without evil, and that laws should not always be followed. He tends to be conflicted due to the waging war inside his head, for while the boy seeks to appease those around him, Newt finds himself questioning law and what "justice" truly stands for. Thus, he is represented by the scales; seeking balance in an effort to gain order.

An intelligent, suave scholar.

Calm, collected and friendly, Newt mirrors his parents' kindness towards individuals; seeing them as equals with attempts made to focus on optimism. Yet his primary thirst is for knowledge, so he cares little for situations that do not satisfy him. This is a well-kept secret, however, for the son is keen to mind his manners and be polite. He is an excellent listener, and thus, makes for a good shoulder to lean on. Eventually, experience will turn to wisdom and perhaps he will give decent advice, too.

As he ages, Newt finds enjoyment in various characters alike, observing closely so he may study both strengths and weaknesses. His workaholic nature will start at a young age, too, for he wishes appease those around him and makes endless strides to better himself. Because of this, he often reaches a breaking point in which Newt becomes irritable, primarily towards himself, but on occasion, may end up taking out his frustrations unjustly on those around him.

Charming, he has the dry wit of his father, Greyback, although he shares it rarely. Newt does enjoy being spoiled by attention, and as such, loves pampering and being pampered by women. He is a gentleman first, and only ever engages with those who like the attention just as much as he does. This is not to say he is necessarily a "playboy" for he saves his heart and body for "his true love"; a romantic deep down.

Despite the good in which Newt grows, the boy is calculating. What he learns of others can easily be used not only to heal, but to stab in the back. Newt's silver-tongue and smooth-talking ways could do well with manipulation; for he may seek the truth, but once he has it in his grasp, could learn to bend it should he find it necessary—typically done so in an act of protection; either for others or oneself.
Pack History
Parents: Greyback & Valette
Siblings: Leta , West & Clay / April 17, 2019
xx · Greyback x Venicy - Ira & Willow / May 7th, 2015
xx · [adopted] Valette x Steady - Keoni & Nikai / 2016
xx · Valette x Ezekiel - Steph , Ezra & Clary / August 24, 2017
xx · Valette x Stark - Keen , Merrit & Arlette / May 21, 2018

Grandparents: Asmund & Westwind / Kove Apaata & Scarlett Silverpeak

Uncles & Aunts: “Xan” Apaata , Sesi Apaata & Nanook Apaata
xx · Kove x Nemesis - Atshen Apaata , Keelut Apaata , “Nocturnal” Apaata & Abraxas Apaata
xx · Kove x Shivali - Aningan Apaata , Sos Apaata & Tunerk Apaata-Ataneq

xx · Xan x Annasiak - Nunataq , Yakone & Marten
xx · Xan x Laurel - Lucas , Piper & Wyatt
xx · Nocturnal x Damien - Lumiya Melonii , Revan Melonii , Venamis Melonii & “Zan” Melonii
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xxx April 17, 2019Present
xxx Child
Profile of Newt: Additional Information

Trades and specialties may adjust dependent on what he learns and excels at through his peers.

Although he will follow the teachings of his parents, Newt will attempt filling the gaps Easthollow currently has, and chasing greater knowledge in all fields.

His first trade will likely be that of Chronicler , specializing in Historian and Bard . Prized with excellent memory and a fascination with history, the scholar will thrive as a Historian. Bard, on the other hand, starts as a secret hobby among the family of Easthollow, only potentially to bloom with encouragement.

His second trade will be dependent on his parents and what path they wish him to take.

Scout is entirely a possibility, for many Easthollow peers hold this trade, Valette included. Newt would differ from the Ranger specialty, however, as Diplomatic areas would suit him best. Ambassador and Rogue would be possible paths.

If Scout is not where his parents need him, perhaps he will become a Counselor like his father, Greyback, instead. Advisor or Mediator pair with his diplomacy.

On-site family members are important to a puppy's growth, as such, these are ideas on how the relationships between Newt and his peers might look. (Gonna focus on his parents and littermates for now.)

Valette is his precious mother, of whom Newt holds endless respect and love for. Like any good child, he wants nothing more than to make sure she is happy. This includes following her ever word, and absorbing her teachings at a young age. He is dutiful, polite and respectful due to his parents' dedication towards the Easthollow family. Newt longs to make Valette proud, and of course, when the going gets tough, nothing is better than a mother's touch. He loves learning about Easthollow's history from her, and finds story-time the most fun.

His father, Greyback, is a role-model Newt strives to follow. Often times, the pup attempts to mirror his actions and it is not rare to find Newt on his father's heels. He enjoys the mountain's stability, and will later come to appreciate the affectionate side Greyback chooses to show he and his siblings. His knowledge and courage constantly leave Newt fascinated. As he ages, he will come to understand he cannot follow the footsteps of his father forever, and hope to branch out and become a man worthy of Greyback's respect.

A people-pleaser, Newt strives to be a star pupil for his parents. He finds their wisdom admirable, and is among the first to peer upon them with awe. Their stubborn and protective ways, however, may encourage a sheltered upbringing that leaves Newt naive at the beginning—through mistakes, he will learn. On occasion, he may butt heads with his parents when their smothering becomes overwhelming, but otherwise Newt does his best to please them and have a positive relationship.

Despite her rowdy nature conflicting with the calm waves of the scholar, Leta offers adventure and the promise to be spontaneous, which Newt loves. As such, the boy finds his stargazing sister perhaps his closest companion. Whenever she wanders, Newt likes to follow. Her passion for astronomy is something Newt is almost envious of, but he encourages all the same. He loves learning about the stars next to her, and just as he supports his sister's endeavors, perhaps Leta is the push he needs to sing. Together in the peaceful nights with the sky full, they could indulge in their hobbies. One day, he'll make a song just for her and her stars.

West is a bundle of amusement on his own, he brings forth almost a jock-like attitude to counteract the nerdiness of Newt. Though the scrawnier of the two cares little for his shoving, Newt tends to take whatever West dishes out in stride and offers it back with playful jabs of his own. West allows Newt to be himself, and forget the stress of pleasing those around him with his play. All of which Newt is ever grateful of. When his brother gets too rough, however, Newt finds himself willing nature to grow him tall enough to surpass the brute and knock him down a peg or two.

Last but least of his littermates, Clay is that loud, aggressive little brother that every doting family has; fortunately, Newt was blessed with undying patience and a temper that never—rarely, if ever—flares. Newt would let his brother do as he pleased, perhaps even cleaning up any messes he might make. But he does hope the firechild matures before it bites Clay where it hurts. Despite his annoyance (and likely to be the most distant sibling to him), Newt cares for Clay all the same.  
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