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Basic Info
Full Name: “Komet”
Birthname: Falling Star
Height: (Adult) 30"
Weight: 110lbs
Type: Ectomorph
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 0.83 (May 10th 2019)
Birthplace: Blackfeather Woods
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Profile of Komet: Details
Komet has not fared well in life so far, with signs pointing towards stunted development both physically and socially. He was never very vocal around his birth family and often held himself back from interacting with them out of an addled sense of self-preservation; although he knows that by virtue of being family they were intrinsically tied to him, if questioned about his past he does not bring them up. He knows, too, that he should say he loved them — every child loves their mother, or so he's been taught — but deep down Komet feels nothing for these figments. It is possible he has never felt emotion for anyone or anything; nothing visceral, nothing real, except for the persistence of hunger or the itch in the throat that can only be soothed by fresh water. He reacts to things in the subdued manner of a sleepy ghost, and is prone to vanishing at the first sign of trouble.
[Image: tumblr_o66y21tCSw1rp74xfo5_500.gif]
A wiry, cream-toned wolf. Ragged, underweight, clearly destined for another growth spurt. Looks perpetually dirty due to having dark-tipped paws and a sooty face. A compact body built for endurance over speed, with the gawkiness of youth clearly evident. Shy, submissive posture and the inability to look you in the eyes; omega behaviour, and thus far nonverbal.
T R A D E :
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S P E C I A L T Y :
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M A S T E R Y :
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"Blood and fire, boy, and nothing sweet.”

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