Profile of Vanity: Quick Facts
Played By: Sofie
Basic Info
Full Name: Vanity Verana Valadez
Subspecies: Coastal wolf [50%] Mexican Wolf [50%]
Sex: Female
Age: 6 (02/07/2015)
Birthplace: Cerro Picacho del Diablo
Height: 28"
Weight: 70Ib (32kg)
Profile of Vanity: Details
[Image: qQx3Wn1.jpg]Image by Jay
[Image: HgDDrac.jpg] Image by Thalia
[Image: wPTAcSM.png] Image by Sparx

Black coat that has a red sheen in the right lighting. Her face is a mask of white, white markings encircle her eyes with stray flecks dragging off to her ears whilst white coats her muzzle. She has white socks on her front paws. Her eyes are a ruby red.

Scars and Wounds
She bears scars on her underbelly from Famine

Claw marks from her shoulder to her chest from Virtute.
"The question is,
it isn't who is going to let me,
it's who is going to stop me?"
| Selfish | Bumptious | Covetous |
| ESTJ-A | True Neutral |

Raised on a mountain where she was a Queen, Vanity has known nothing but a life of luxury. Of course, she did not sit back just looking pretty. She trained with her pack of warriors -- one could not call themselves a Queen without being better than everyone else. And she was, to many extents. She ensured it. Her lifestyle made her self-centred by having everything handed to her on a plate: food, territory, security. The most she did was prove herself to the clan and with flying colours. She dislikes those who grovel, she associates herself with strong characters that scream
Do not take me lightly
for she is one of them.

She was trained in the most prestigious war clan of the area and they dominated other packs, adding them to their own ranks to top their Mercenary count. And she was the Queen of it all, proving herself to them time and time again. All until they pushed the wrong border of a rival war clan. She lost the battle, her clan lost the war and they were taken captive, killed, or chased. Not one member betrayed Vanity, despite having her selfish character. She treated them all well with respect because it benefited her and they pledged themselves to her in return. She escaped after a battle with Morrigan and found herself in the Teekons, hoping to establish a capable team to protect her back.
She knows how to play the game, do you?
Mate: Hashut

Offspring 2020: Arwen · Leshen
Adopted/Seen as her own: Famine · Valour
Pack History
↳ August 8th 2019 - July 15th 2020

↳ September 3rd 2020 - 24th October 2020
Profile of Vanity: Additional Information
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This character orientates around mature themes of sexual and violent nature.
If uncomfortable with content, send me a PM and it will be rectified. Will not join lonely threads and use these themes unless agreed. Any thread could contain references, marked with [M ] or not.
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