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Full Name: Keyni
Subspecies: Tundra x Timber Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1.7 (July 27, 2019)
Birthplace: Outside of Teekon Wilds
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Profile of Keyni: Details
On the larger side of medium, Keyni is a female of simple beauty. Her fur is thick, lush and well kept. Muted off white, grays from silvery to charcoal and even black dominate the majority of her body. Around her eyes, ear rims, legs and tail, her fur is a pale fawn color. Her ears are tipped in black, while a distinct, sharp half mask frames her cheeks and eyes. Her eyes themselves are a soothing jade.
[Image: keynifullbody.png]
Patient - Wise - Calm - Balanced - Meditative
Seemingly wise beyond her youth, Keyni is infamous for her patience. Little seems to get under her skin and even if it does, she is a master of hiding it well. However, her kind but solid temperament is not to be mistaken for weakness. She is by no means impulsive, always thinking before she acts. A reliable figure in even the most turbulent of circumstances, Keyni rarely looses her cool and is a constant source of certainty and security for those in need. Highly attuned and connected with nature and her surroundings, the Tundra mix has a natural, healthy respect for all things living. However, she is no hippy, utterly detached from reality. She is fond of meditation, self focus and enrichment, which she practices daily.
After a brief departure from the Teekon Wilds in an effort to reconnect with her family, Keyni has once again returned to find her niche.
Pack History
Asterism Grove
Firefly Glen - Delta
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