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mah momma, the amazing Jennifer!

Basic Info
Full Name: Brouhaha "Brou" Dokuga
(Formerly Jet. Further nickname(s) and/or permanent name expected to develop as she grows.)
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf mix (87.5% or thereabouts; remainder Eastern Valley)
Sex: Female
Age: 1.3 years (4 April 2019)
Birthplace: Lost Creek Hollow, in the Teekons
At A Glance
An increasingly pointy and angular bouncing ball of nearly-all-black fur, whose outline is made all the fuzzier most of the time by the constant impatient blur of motion she's usually in as well as the silvery-white outline of guard hairs in the light. Her white-tipped tail in particular tends to be a windmilling shape that's difficult to pin down. Her bright blue eyes sparkling with mischief and wide with enthusiastic eagerness stand out most starkly against her dark pelt, bringing out bluer highlights in the underfur.
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Profile of Brouhaha: Details
Fuzzy black potato appeared to be growing white mold on one set of toes, with a couple of flecks spreading to its chest and elsewhere... eeeeuuuuwww.
Over time it has sprouted up more than out, and is now a big-eyed, gangly, underfed configuration of scruffy black haloed by increasing silvery white guard hairs and highlighted by a deep steel-blue undercast. None of its proportions seem to match, however: too-big paws and eyeballs, too-small skittering spidery limbs and ribby middle.

She also until pretty recently (as of mid-Feb 2020) had a whole lot of crazy inventive awful concoctions she was attempting to apply to her fur at random times to change her native coloring. Several of these stank. Badly. ...Some time after that she got separated from the pack end of summer 2020 when flooding from torrential rains helped to more permanently cleanse her fur but also cut her off mid-exploration. (Feel free to have your character invent some shenanigans around all that at will if you wish. ;P )
Chipper, excitable, and always looking for new scrapes to get into and new faces to meet, though she’s grown a little more moody and unpredictable in the throes of adolescence and absent the moderating influence of her father. She’s still struggling to find herself, but at least she’s making sure she’s having all the fun she can before she’s inevitably forced to grow up and fit forcibly into her claustrophobic little box of conformity, right?

Adventure is out there!

[Image: bd2161f5977b38ad329e2f041fafb7797c5f0e23...c653fb6a68]
                 . 2 . 0 . 1 . 9 .
                 On about the 15th of April: eyes opened. Milkteeth and initial bumbling attempts at walking around then too.
                 1st of May: ears perked up.
                 16th of May: first full words started to be spoken. End of May, eyes started changing color.
                 Roundabouts June 6th, litter moved from den to rendezvous site.

         . 2 . 0 . 2 . 0 .
         Somewhere after that, a lot of land upheavals caused the pack to relocate ((BWP + Legionification)). Brou grew increasingly fretful at momma Treason's super over-paranoid confinement of the youngsters following some nearby murders of black-furred bitches, and when not sulking around outdoors busied herself first with an ambitious excavation project and then, in a lightbulb moment, attempts to "fix" her black fur which resulted in some pretty hilariously and stinkily terrible results. When the restrictions were lifted, and the stench from her experimentations mostly faded, she started to go a little hogwild. As her father Terance and brother Pike/Thief’s disappearance grew more concerning, Brou was hardly to be seen in the packlands for all the aimless but obsessive adventuring exploring she was doing (rather hypocritically, as she’d called out her remaining brother Spook for doing much the same). Eventually this landed her in more trouble when the sudden gushing floods cut her off entirely from the packlands for awhile ((BWP)) ... ((NOTE: Possibly to be later/significantly revised and added to...))
Pack History
Middleborn of Terance x Treason's first and only litter.
LITTERMATES: Pike ("Ash" / Thief) & Spook ("Hood" / Warlock)

Younger halfsibs 2020...
Ruler of the Womb, yo!
Born a Lost Creek Hollow Pup, April 2019
Transferred with family to Noctisardor Bypass, February 2020
Legion there firmly staked their claims upon the land in ... ?
Profile of Brouhaha: Additional Information
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