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Full Name: Atanik "Ego" Sandraudiga
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year (April 3, 2019)
Birthplace: Arrow Lake, Teekon Wilds
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The grim, flaxen-eyed "Ego" is a prodigious and swarthy young adult, stowing a wellspring of meteoric strength and agility behind a dispassionate -- almost drowsy -- fa莽ade. He is the inheritor of a long-limbed silhouette, as well as sharp-edged features, both ominously dark and sovereign. Only those within a kiss-or-kill radius may notice the buried shades of a familial dusk-brown strewn charitably throughout his stygian pelt. The haunting night-wyvern is most distinguished by his Arctic pedigree, which lends him a slight salt-and-peppering (as if due to age). The area beneath his eyes, his lower jaw, and underbelly are subject to this frothy fading, while strands of glinting silversnow can be found along his spine. Arcane, unpredictable, and ever skulking: Ego is likely to inspire caution wherever he goes.
Ophidian. Cold and exploitative admist strangers; complaisant, indulgent, in familiar company; and deliberately enigmatic toward those in between. Ego is often moody -- if not entirely reclusive -- with an exceptionally jaded view of the world. The wanderer tends to accept company either begrudgingly, or only as a means to an end, and he can be charming if it suits him. Devil-may-care, and full of judgemental tendencies, he prefers to be alone, while still craving involvement.
Pack History
He is the last born son of Takiyok Ateneq and Stigmata Sandraudiga; littermate to Sivullik, Tuvak, and Simmik. His paternal half-siblings are Argent, River, and Trench.
Born and raised in Diaspora before running away at nearly five months old. Spent over a season with the Red Syzygy wolves: a pack run by his paternal aunt, Martyr Sandraudiga. Journeyed as a lone wolf from December 2019 until present.
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