Profile of RIP Sobek: Quick Facts
RIP Sobek
Played By: Jitterwater
Basic Info
Full Name: Sobek
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Male
Age: 0 (June 15 2019)
Birthplace: Blackfeather Woods
Bloodline: Melonii—Atiyeh
At a Glance

This character is deceased.
June 15th—October 28th, 2019

[Image: tumblr_o1dr3jOfva1qfvmqco1_540.gif]
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Profile of RIP Sobek: Details

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A bloody quagmire hemorrhaging to grizzled white & tipped with dark quills.
Pale silver-white eyes. Visible scarring to his haunches (coyote).

He loved his family and all of their quirks, while simultaneously taking little interest in the world outside of his forest home. He considered everyone within his pack to be part of his family and did not understand the concept of parents. He was relentlessly questioning of the world and its systems, with a strong intellect fed primarily by his mother Maegi; her belief in the Daedric Gods was yet another mystery that he had not deconstructed, but he did not he show any true interest in the spirituality of the woods. He never questioned the lessons he was shown. Sobek was honest to a fault, speaking from the heart and never, ever allowing himself to lie. For the most part he was selective with his empathy; his interest in other people was almost clinical but could appear genuine, as he became quite skilled at masking his sociopathic behavior. He began life with a lack of emotional fluency, being a very calm baby that rarely (if ever) cried; Sobek remained aloof in nature and otherwise unaffected by the pull of his emotions.

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