Profile of Ulysses: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Ulysses
Subspecies: Blue Bay Shepherd Wolf Dog
Sex: Male
Age: 4 years (Feb. 06 2015)
Birthplace: Florida, USA
At A Glance
His striking bright, silvery white eyes seem to be able to stare straight through you. His dog like appearance might make him seem more tranquil than most, but his past says otherwise. Not only does the dog like appearance throw many off, it's the fact that he's larger than most wolves due to mutation. His size is intimidating at the very least.
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Profile of Ulysses: Details
[Image: ddnjhuf-ec840cc1-302a-430d-a3b3-5da98688...-NJQSJXpIY]

Weight: 190 lbs

Scent: An abnormal chemical human smell and a deep woodland scent.

He has moderately large ears. Ulysses has a long haired, thick, double coat, it's a blue-gray color. His iris is a silvery white with his sclera being black, his pupils are always contricted, they can't dilate. He has fur missing where he has a scar on the front of his neck. The scar is five inches wide, towards the center of his neck the scar is an inch wide vertically and gradually gets thinner as it gets longer horizontally. He has another scar in the middle of the bridge of his snout, atop his nose. At the top, where it is thickest it's about half an inch. It fades and gets thinner as it goes downward towards his mouth just behind the spot where his whiskers grow. He has a mostly pink tongue, a large portion of it is black such as the shar pei and chow chow breeds.

HEALTH (100/100)

He鈥檚 very healthy at the moment! Doesn鈥檛 have any wounds and is in great shape!
He's very cautious. Loves hunting, will pursue prey for hours. Is omnisexual if it matters. Is more of a lone wolf, due to the fact he has trouble trusting others. He can be merciful, but if the situation calls upon it he鈥檒l fight to kill. Recently though, he鈥檚 found himself less a killer than he used to be. It would be safer to assume he鈥檚 just a gentle giant.
He鈥檚 smart and highly trained. His human training gives him an array of different skills and abilities. Keeps himself distanced from others due to past trauma.

[Image: giphy.gif]
Life started out normal, bred from wolfdogs and German shepherds to create the Blue Bay Shepherd. He's one of the newer strands of their breed. His father being a black German Shepherd and his mother a beautifully blue white, and gray wolf.

At two and a half months he's shipped across the ocean to reside in Russia. A family reserved and bought him for a pretty penny in the famous city of Moscow. His human family is made up of a mother, father, and daughter. They lived in a wealthy neighborhood, the father trained him to no end. Teaching him thing after thing. His humans gave him the name Ulysses after the Greek story of the powerful Odysseus. He's the perfect family dog, their daughter of five years followed him around and him her. They never left each other's side, for he was trained to protect her. This was his duty, he'd do anything to keep this girl that loved him so dearly safe. He lived with this family from two months as a pup, to a year and 8 months as a young adult.

Then, their family was targeted. Some low life criminals sniped them out. These criminals where smart, smarter than your average criminal. They snuck into their home, Ulysses alerted the family tried his damnedest to fight them all off, there were too May. He got bruised and battered before they were able to subdue him. He awoke in a different place, a chain around his neck and a rope tied around his muzzle and connected to his head just under his jaw like a horse. It effectively kept his mouth shut. These new people beat him, chained him up and teased him with freedom, though he knew he wouldn't have it. They make him fight his own kind, they forced him to slaughter and fight other animals as well. It was either fight and eat. Or don't fight, don't eat and, starve to death, rotting away in a dirty cage. When he wasn't fighting or eating he had that makeshift muscle on. This goes on for three months. Rinse and repeat.

Then all of a sudden it was like they just lost interest in him. They threw him near a city called Chernobyl. Where he remained here for a year and and eight months. Thrived off the animals and the environment around him, he was so sick at a point he thought he wouldn't make it. He went from skin and bones to growing larger than his originally intended size.

He came across humans one day, finds out their following him, wearing these odd white uniforms. They shot him with something, carried him off for research. He was put in a facility where they scraped his teeth, took fur, nails, did all types of weird things to him. This facility is in Alaska, where they kept him for 3 months. They broke some rules and they allowed him back out into the wilderness to which he stumbled into the territory of the Teekon Wilds.
Pack History
鈻 Rainheart (Current) - Apr. 20, 2020

鈻 Apr. 10, 2019
Profile of Ulysses: Additional Information
Ulysses is often referred to as a ghost. The silent type who usually minds his own business. He watches more than he acts. He has an ethereal aura about him.
His voice is deep, a comfortable mix of gravelly and smooth. He has an obvious Russian accent but not enough to not understand him.

No need to ask permission to harm. He's a tough boy. Unless it's some crazy intense stuff, please message.
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