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Full Name: Stone Anand
Subspecies: RMW x ETW
Sex: Male
Age: 0.9 (June 15 2019)
Birthplace: Swiftcurrent Creek
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[Image: RffqN2S.png]

Has no sense of "personal space" - can be quite affectionate, like a puppy, but due to poor socialization he doesn't pick up on more obvious clues. He was extremely shy as a child and hasn't deviated too much from that; following the abduction of his sister by Tortugan pirates, however, he has become obsessed with the concepts of justice, combat, and retribution.

A refined shard of amber. A petite boy who grew like a weed, except that the growth was limited to his limbs. He is very tall for his age and lanky, lacking the athleticism of his parents. His minted-penny eyes look like they're a touch too big for his slender face, although overall he takes after his father in bone structure.

Pack History
parents: Aditya and Dawn
his sister: Brook.
swiftcurrent creek
neverwinter forest
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