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Full Name: Istoira "Storm-bringer", "Wound-binder" Serenorth II (neé Keiedia)
Subspecies: Wolf mix (25% NRM, 25% Alexander Archipelago, 50% British Columbia)
Sex: Female
Age: 2.7 years (2016)
Birthplace: North
At A Glance
[Image: 1ZEv.gif]

"You have given them everything."

"Not everything. Not yet."
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Profile of Istoira: Details
" she spoke with a voice that struck the sky."

A smoldering log plucked from the embers of an unbanked hearth, blackened and charred.

A coat of matte onyx, a rich brown as deep as the mire of an unwelcoming bog in the proper lighting - guard hairs of deep russet flickering like flames.

Partial heterochromia - eyes of hell, red with starbursts of fiery orange ringing pupils.

Scars aplenty, both borne of battle and unspeakable horror. Particularly, the ravaged and puckered craters of flesh that has been burnt following the curve of her rib cage.

A few chunks missing here and there, the most noticeable the half ear that tilts off kilter atop her sooty crown.
"She said walk on over here, to the bitter shade..."

An ambiguous grey. Neither truly evil nor readily described as good - viewing both titles as an artificial construct meant to uphold society's wants.

Self-serving and cunning but not incapable of forming bonds or expressing emotions. A devotee once swayed to loyalty, a task not readily accomplished given her nature, yet beware - to betray is to risk downfall in her hellish orbs.

A practioner of backwoods, grey magick.
"...I will wrap you in my arms and you'll know, you are safe."

Born Keiedia, the whelp of a slave girl, she was taken from her mother's teat and offered to the Dark Faith at two moons.

A corrupt and backwards religion, she was little more than a child concubine. At eight months, she formed a friendship with another who shared her plight - Astaura. The broken children sought comfort in each other's arms and as they grew, fell in love.

They plotted to bring about the fall of the coven but were discovered and seized. Astaura, who had been originally captured beyond the pack's claim - was to be bartered to a warlord whose eye she had drawn. Keiedia - a defiant foreigner who had been sold by her native pack - would be hobbled and muted to keep her subservient.

However, when the Punisher entered their cavernous prison - he was not expecting an attack from above. Keiedia, having forced herself onto a narrow ledge above the cave's maw with the aide of her lover, dropped down upon him and the impact of her upon his head slammed him to the floor and forced a thin stalagmite through his skull.

Knowing they must flee before their treachery was discovered, the two dissapeared into the night. As cries rose into the air, they neared the borders. Shouts grew near, somewhere a fire flickered into life as the heavens broke and struck the earthly plain.

In the smoldering chaos, Astaura was lost.

Keiedia searched fruitlessly amongst the ruins of the Faith but eventually had to come to grips with the fact that her girl was likely one of the many blackened skeletons.

Heart hardened against the world, Keiedia shed her slave name and became Istoira Serenorth, the name of her mother who had once been a free woman.

She wandered for sometime, travelling by night and merging with shadows. She knew no other until Methuselah.

A man of promises and ambition, the newly freed yearling was reluctant to trust and in truth, she never did. Trust was not required to join the demon's warband - raining fury and violence down upon a world that had taken so much. 'Storm-bringer', they would call her.

Yet, when her anger had abated and she grew weary - the two parted on, well, not good terms. It seemed Methuselah had intentions of making her his Queen but Istoira found the idea of such a union tedious at best and moved on quickly.

Alone again she would be until encountering a crone by the name of Nemoina who would become her mentor in true magick - not the pretenses of the covetous Dark Faith. She would live with the hermit, offering her services as a caretaker to the elder in exchange for her education - earning the title 'Wound-binder'. It was a quiet, peaceful life but as all good things end so to did Nemoina.

Istoira performed the burial rites herself and bid farewell to the closest mother figure she had known. She could not linger in the Hollow they called home - for it was Nem's, not hers.

Setting out alone once more, she would wander.

And search tirelessly.

And perhaps, she would stumble upon a new land, a new chapter.

Istoira would enter Teekon in the spring of 2019, encountering the femme Moonshadow with whom she felt a connection to. She learned a bit about Moonshadow's pack and determined to prove herself worthy of joining Blackfeather Woods.

After coming to Moonshadow's defense against her tormentor Nikan, Istoira would later approach Blackfeather and prostrate herself before Titmouse. At Moonshadow's word, the woman was admitted to the pack as a Vorei.
Pack History
Mother: Istoira Serenorth I

Mentor: Nemoina

Former Lover: Astaura

Lover: Moonshadow Asenda-Blackfeather

Children: Rowan "Barren" Asenda-Blackfeather , Falling Star Asenda-Blackfeather , Moonshine Asenda-Blackfeather (via Moonshadow x Firefly, 2019)*

* - While neither married to Moonshadow nor a biological parent to her pups, Istoira considers herself the litter's second mother of sorts through love.
A slave infant sold to the Dark Faith in exchange for the rights to trading routes. When the Faith met their end in Hellfire, she wandered alone until joining an unofficial and nomadic warparty led by a man named Methuselah. When his desires to possess the Storm-bringer became obvious, she moved on to the Hollow of Aesir where she first encountered the wood witch Nemoina. She looked after the elder in exchange for knowledge of the unseen arts until the woman passed to the next life.

BLACKFEATHER WOODS: Vorei, Sikuda, Lanta
Profile of Istoira: Additional Information
Inspirations: Not really sure anymore lol? Gonna go ahead and cite Wicca & witchcraft in general, very vaguely Game of Thrones, even more vaguely the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Notes: Ambiguous in terms of alignment, demisexual.
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