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Full Name: jem(#7693)
Subspecies: human
Sex: Female
Age: (29/08/2001)
Birthplace: éire
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virgo - ireland - GMT

teenage dirtbag whose life revolves around her 2 cats and coffee.
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--> IC ≠ OOC - i cannot express this enough, just because my character doesn't like yours does not mean i don't love them myself!

--> very light powerplay is allowed, otherwise no.

--> i am willing to play out m rated and violent scenes to some degree. contact me for clarity.

--> i also try to write completely from my characters view so assumptions made by them may not always be correct as it is based off of their knowledge only!

--> i will archive threads if the player falls inactive or after 2 months with no reply unless it is an important thread. message me if you ever wish for a thread to be revived.

--> i can be a slow ass so feel free to skip me after 48 hours in fast paced group threads.

--> i try to keep ooc plotting to a minimum!

polaris - easthollow
finín - neverwinter forest

reif - lone wolf


on hold/inactive
ali - inactive
tundra - on hold

*inactive; permanently out of game | on hold; temporarily out of game
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