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Full Name: jem(#7693)
Subspecies: human
Sex: Female
Age: (29/08)
Birthplace: Γ©ire
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virgo - irish - GMT

just your average teenage girl who stays up too late, drinks way too much coffee and obsesses unhealthily over movies, series, books, music you name it.

i'm 17 and going into my 6th and final year of secondary school so that'll be fun. i spend my free time either writing, reading, watching netflix or youtube, drawing and stalking my socials wether it's snapchat, insta or pinterest. i tend to procrastinate way too much and can be really forgetful so please don't be afraid to nudge me whenever- i don't mind!

during holidays i'm understandingly more active and will post whenever i can, during school time i usually only post at the weekends.
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--> IC β‰  OOC - i cannot express this enough, just because my character doesn't like yours does not mean i don't love them myself!

--> light powerplay of my pack characters are okay for cameo's and the like but beyond that it must be agreed on beforehand siding some exceptions.

--> i am willing to play out m rated graphic and violent scenes but would like to know what i'm getting myself into beforehand.

--> i also try to write completely from my characters view so assumptions made by them may not always be correct as it is based off of their knowledge only!

--> i'm quite laid back when it comes to archiving threads, i'll usually leave em open as long as i feel like it although i do sometimes tend to lose muse for threads that have dragged on too long either due to myself or the other player struggling w time. if that happens i may request for it to be archived unless it's important.

tundra - blackfeather woods

reif - elysium (pup)
polaris - swiftcurrent creek (pup)

on hold/inactive

*all pup characters will automatically be secondary characters, this is subject to change as they age*
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always feel free to contact me via pm or discord for plots!