Profile of Novae: Quick Facts

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Lone Wolves

Basic Info
Full Name: Novae “Serenity” Sahira
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year (5/3/18)
Birthplace: Messiah's Deprive
Alignment: Sanctified
At A Glance
A relatively calm wolf rest happily enjoying the sunshine out nearby a grass field. She has brown-gold on one half of her face, and black on the other half with Bright Green Eyes. Her splotched brown-gold black colored pelt glistens in the sunlight as she watches the deer in the distance.
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Profile of Novae: Details
A wolf with brown gold on one half of her face, and black on the other half of her face with Bright Green Eyes. Her pelt is also splotched with brown gold and black fur patches throughout her coat.
Protective, Openminded, Cautious, Kind, Loyal
Novae is a relaxed wolf. She sticks close to her siblings since she naturally wants to protect them and she doesn't like being alone. She is not into fighting, she would rather solve her arguments with words among her siblings and anyone who has a issue with her. However, she will fight back if she has too.
Parents: Unknown Male and Namira Sahira
Siblings: Gryffin, , Krynn and Akuji
Cousins: Priest, Hum, and Vehem
Profile of Novae: Additional Information
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